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Five Star assisted living resident Wolfgang Marcuse shares his story about his two great loves: tennis and his beautiful wife.

On the tennis court, Wolfgang Marcuse found his life’s many joys. He found a talent in himself that he kept up until he was 94. He also found his wife.

Born in Potsdam, Germany, in 1913, Wolfgang started playing tennis around the age of 22. But when Hitler rose to power, Wolfgang left Germany and his family behind and migrated to the United States. Leaving his family was difficult, knowing he would never see them again.

Returning to Life

Wolfgang felt aimless in his new country. Fortunately, a friend told him about an opening at the local tennis camp. Wolfgang took up the post as a tennis pro and returned to a life he knew.

One of his pupils, a pretty girl with short, curly brown hair, caught his attention, and he married her. For the last 69 years, the two have been inseparable.

When Wolfgang retired from his job as an electrician, he entered into senior tennis competitions, where he consistently ranked #1 for his age group. But when his wife was diagnosed with dementia, he gave it all up in order to care for her.

Finding Dependable Help

Five years ago, their daughter recommended Five Star Senior Living, and now Wolfgang can feel at ease, knowing his wife receives the attention and treatment she needs.

Now we are living here in assisted living where we have a lot of help. It's an easy life for me.

For a man of great devotion—to his wife, tennis, and so much more—the care and service he and his wife receive mean the world to him.

Watch Wolfgang’s story and find out what makes our residents Five Star.

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