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Meet Our Team Members

Dedicated, caring, professional, and focused on you.

Supporting you is our specialty.

All Five Star Senior Living team members tend to have some things in common, namely, love for our residents and pride in helping them live life to the fullest.

Stories abound of our team members going the extra mile, but it’s their everyday dedication to keeping the Five Star lifestyle carefree and vibrant that is truly unique. From housekeeper to van driver to chef to executive director, everyone helping you is highly skilled at what they do. We’re proud of our team members — and we know you will be, too.

We’re like family.

Kathryn, a Certified Nursing Assistant, always likes to give a little extra. “I love my residents,” she says. “They’re like part of my family.”

We’re making a difference.

This Director of Housekeeping knows what makes homes happy. “At the end of the day, knowing you’ve made a difference, that you made somebody smile” — that’s Janet to a T.