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A perfect place for pets.

Bring your beloved companion with you when you move to a Five Star community.

Your dog will love it here, too.

Many Five Star Senior Living Communities are pet-friendly, meaning not only are dogs, cats and other animal companions allowed, they are provided for as full-fledged members of the community.

Room to roam.

Many pet-friendly Five Star communities offer trails or other green spaces for walks and play, giving pets the fresh air and exercise they need to stay healthy and strong. Pet waste stations located on the grounds mean more freedom to roam with your furry friend.

Mid-day breaks.

Are you out and about during the day for work or leisure? Pet-friendly Five Star communities allow dog walkers access to buildings during work hours for mid-day “sniffaris.”

Part of the community.

At Five Star, your animal companion is part of the family. Pets are welcomed to community events and their adorable faces often enjoy the spotlight in our social media posts.

No pet? We’ll bring pet therapy to you.

Studies show that spending time with animals is good for your health, from lowering your blood pressure to infusing daily living with joy and purpose. That’s why Five Star’s exclusive Lifestyle 360 programming includes visits from therapy animals to add essential cuddles and cuteness to your day.

Find a pet-friendly community today.

You can search for Five Star communities that are pet-friendly using our handy community finder.

For more information on a community’s pet policies, contact the community directly—they’ll be happy to tell you more!