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How Do I Know I’m Ready?

Retirement is your reward after a lifetime of hard work and planning. It’s your time to have fun and pursue your passions both familiar and new, like writing that novel or spending an entire day as a couch potato watching movies. No matter what it is, you’ve earned it.

How to Know if it’s Time to Move to a Retirement Community

Some older adults always knew downsizing would be part of their retirement plan. For others, it took retiring to realize they would like a change of pace. Whether moving to a retirement community is a new idea or it’s always been part of your plans, it can be tricky to know what time is the right time to make such a major life decision. Let’s take a look at retirement living and how to decide when might be the right time to consider moving to a retirement community.

Assisted Living: Seven Hidden Signs It May Be Time

You’ve watched your mother or father age, and it’s been a mixed blessing. Their stories of their childhood (and yours) come tumbling out these days, both poignant and funny—but you notice the voice telling those stories has grown weaker. They have all the time in the world to get around, but they’re slowing down and it’s taking longer to get from point A to point B. They used to be a neatnik, always after you to clean your room, and now it’s you noticing dust on the furniture and other signs they’re not keeping up with housework.

Is It Time for a Move to Assisted Living?

Adult children often wonder how they will know it’s time to encourage a parent to move to an assisted living community. Some seniors initiate the conversation, knowing it will improve their quality of life. Others resist the idea altogether. Many older adults, however, fall in between.