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Meeting dementia and Alzheimer’s with love

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Memory CareA dementia diagnosis can bring a flood of mixed emotions. Relief at finally knowing the cause of concerning changes in a loved one’s behavior is often coupled with sorrow, anxiety and fear of the unknown. Our job at Five Star’s memory care communities is to apply our care and expertise to ease your worry and make joy a frequent visitor in your loved one’s life.

What is Memory Care?

A memory care community is one that includes memory care specialists, experts highly trained to help individuals with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. At Five Star, memory care also includes our exclusive and innovative Bridge to Rediscovery, a Montessori-based program in which your loved one’s environment and activities are all designed around their specific abilities, preferences and passions.

But it’s more than excellent specialized care. Residents also live in a community where all their other needs are met, including all-important social interaction, spiritual wellness, intellectual stimulation and emotional connection—so that they feel at home.

Memory Care vs. Other Types of Communities

Memory CareBecause people with dementia can progress from having trouble remembering to needing assistance eating, walking and other daily tasks, memory care communities provide higher levels of services and more specialized team members than do other types of senior living communities. The goal is for the memory care resident to stay as independent as possible for as long as possible. In addition to home assistance and nursing care, accommodations can range from dining room tableware that is easier to see and use to specially tailored fitness training that uses a holistic approach to physical exercise with cognitive stimulation.

Five Star Senior Living Communities: How They Compare


Independent Living

Assisted Living

Memory Care

Dining services




Social activity programming












Fitness training




Home health aides




Nursing care




Memory care




Dementia-specific programming




*Designed specifically for residents with dementia. Availability varies by state; contact your local Five Star community for more information.

When Is it Time for Memory Care

Memory careForgetfulness and fuzzy thinking can be normal signs of aging—and not uncommon at any age. Certain signs may indicate something more, however. Is your loved one getting lost when driving to familiar places? Are their bills going unpaid? Do they forget things you just told them only hours before? Another important sign is how you’re feeling. Are you worried? Stressed or exhausted from caregiving duties? Understanding memory loss versus normal signs of aging may be a good first step in regaining control.

How to Choose the Right Place for Memory Care

The ideal memory care community is designed from the ground up with the needs of people with dementia in mind. Ready access to medical resources, memory care specialists who work directly with residents, environments tailored for safety and ease of use, and lots of activities for physical, mental and social stimulation are all hallmarks of a place where your loved one can feel safe and happy. Many families find their loved ones are happier in a memory care community, where all their needs are met. Learn more about how to evaluate a memory care community.

What Does Memory Care Cost?

In general, monthly rates for all types of senior living communities can range from $2,000 to $10,000, depending on location, living space and services wanted or needed. As the table above shows, memory care communities provide the highest level of services, so it may not surprise you that costs can be at the higher end of the range. Considering all that’s included, however, memory care can be much more affordable than purchasing services separately.

A Day in Memory Care

What might a typical day in a memory care community look like? Well, because every person is unique and dementia symptoms can range from mild to severe, there really isn’t a “typical” day. Below are some examples of highlights.


• Waking up looking forward to a day filled with activities specifically chosen based on your love one’s abilities, preferences and favorite topics.

• Getting ready for the day, surrounded by comfortable, familiar furniture that meets the unique needs of seniors receiving treatment for dementia.

• Breakfast in the dining room with butler-style service and tableware designed for ease of visibility and handling.

• Feeling capable and confident with memory care specialists close at hand who help with promoting basic skills, like feeding oneself, which many people with dementia can lose without a focused program.

• Morning walks with the walking club. All of Five Star’s memory care communities are designed with visual cues and themes to stimulate memory and help residents find their way in their environment.


• Lunch served with a smile, with combination platters offering choice of favorite foods to help your loved one feel empowered and in control.

• Feeling healthier: After lunch, your loved one might spend time with Connections, a therapy program offered by our rehab and fitness partner Ageility that promotes accomplishment and independence.

• Having fun: Residents may also spend some time gardening, cooking, golfing, doing puzzles or making arts and crafts with MOVE (Motivate-Optimize-Validate-Engage), another Ageility program that emphasizes fitness, wellness and life enrichment.


• Dinner featuring chef-inspired meals, often with resident favorites and local cuisine on the menu.

• Relaxing with friends—playing cards, playing the piano, watching a movie or just hanging out.

• Always feeling safe: Neighborhoods are secured so families can be reassured their loved can leave only under supervision.

When your loved one’s days include family visits, you may find that memory care helps everyone simply enjoy each other’s company—instead of making every conversation about task delegation, transportation needs, symptom management and more. You can joke and tell stories instead, secure in knowing your loved one is safe, well-cared for and living a meaningful life.

Joy and Laughter

There is no shortage of joy and laughter at Five Star Senior Living. Check out the smiles on our residents’ faces when we surprised them by bringing in puppies to play with for the day. Our residents’ smiles are our true reward.

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