Memory Care

Embrace the joy of a connection, and make the most of every second.

Five Star can make a difference

Dementia and Alzheimer’s can feel like invisible thieves, robbing you not just of memory and cognition, but also time. When you’re caring for family with this condition, it can be even more challenging when that precious time is taken up by errands, duties, and daily care. 

That’s why a memory care program like Bridge to Rediscovery at Five Star can make such a difference. You can embrace joy and connection again, and make the most of every second.

What is memory care?

When you join a memory care community, you can embrace numerous social activities, engaging events, an expanded social circle, and more, while still being assured of having the medical resources and support you need.

What does it cost?

The cost of memory care will be based on the needs of each resident, in terms of the type of support that will help them function at their highest possible level.

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At Five Star, we’re experts in memory care. Our programs are tailored toward level of ability, motivation, and interest. When people feel heard and appreciated, they thrive. That’s what we provide—not just for residents, but for their families, too. 

  • Team members specially trained in memory care issues, who get to know each resident and their needs
  • An emphasis on consistency and everyday routines, which are crucial for those in memory care to feel comfortable
  • Fun, enriching activities focused on social interaction, physical and mental engagement, and spiritual and emotional wellness
  • The innovative and award-winning Bridge to Rediscovery program enhances quality of life, building a foundation of learning and success
  • Continual, high-level focus on safety

Everyone wants to feel they’re living with purpose and passion, that their lives have meaning—because they do. We’re here to support you with memory care that matters.

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Joy and Laughter

There is no shortage of joy and laughter at Five Star Senior Living. Check out the smiles on our residents’ faces when we surprised them by bringing in puppies to play with for the day. Our residents’ smiles are our true reward.

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