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Memory Care

Meeting dementia and Alzheimer’s with love.

Help & hope for seniors with dementia.

Alzheimer’s and dementia are met with love, compassion, and expertise at Five Star Senior Living. Our highly trained memory-care specialists support residents through an exclusive and innovative program called Bridge to Rediscovery. It’s a Montessori-based approach in which your loved one’s environment and activities are all designed around their specific abilities, preferences, and passions. And it’s all delivered in a secure, welcoming environment that feels like home.

Personalized memory care at its finest.

Montessori-based dementia programming helps residents function at their highest possible level.

Customized care plans are based on each residents’ comprehensive life story, which enhances both their emotional and physical well-being.

Dining and nutrition programs support socialization, independence, and the familiar customs of family meals.

Interactive approaches to the activities of daily living encourage resident participation.

Secure, 24/7 care is provided by highly trained and compassionate team members.

What is Memory Care?

It’s a form of specialized residential care for individuals living with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. Senior living memory care communities generally include a secure environment that’s staffed by trained caregivers with the skills to closely monitor the health and wellbeing of residents. These communities also feature programs and activities that are uniquely designed to help promote interaction, strengthen cognitive abilities, reduce agitation, and enhance daily experiences for memory care residents. Learn more about what memory care is.

At Five Star Senior Living, we do all of this and more. In fact, we reimagine Alzheimer’s and Memory Care programming with our Bridge to Rediscovery memory care neighborhoods and communities.

The Bridge to Rediscovery program.

Bridge to Rediscovery is more than a memory care program — it’s a lifestyle designed to help senior living residents experience success by focusing on the strengths and abilities they have now. It’s inspired by the Montessori tradition which emphasizes individual and personalized activities. And it creates an environment where residents feel valued, secure, and involved in the world around them.

Montessori makes a difference.

Montessori-based dementia programming is inspired by the Montessori style of education, which focuses on the individual, promotes meaningful engagement, and celebrates self-esteem. All so our senior living memory care residents can function at their highest possible level.

  • Relate. We relate our memory care programs and interactions to each resident’s personal story, life experiences, and current strengths.
  • Motivate. We motivate by tailoring activities and interactions according to each resident’s interests and abilities.
  • Appreciate. We appreciate by creating meaningful experiences, celebrating successes, and thanking residents for engaging.

Let our family take care of yours.

We understand that seniors living with dementia still want to feel valued and stay involved in the world around them. That’s why we take time to learn about our residents. We learn about their careers, hobbies, and interests. We get to know their loved ones and friends. All so we can meet them where they are and create an environment in which they can rediscover joy and purpose.

At Five Star Senior Living communities across the country, artists are painting again. Teachers are teaching again. Engineers are building again. And residents with Alzheimer’s and other memory conditions are staying connected to the people, places, and passions that continue to shape who they are.

We’re here when you need us.

When is it time for memory care? Forgetfulness and fuzzy thinking can be normal signs of aging — and not uncommon at any age. However, certain signs may indicate Alzheimer’s or dementia. Consider a few key questions: Is your loved one getting lost when driving to familiar places? Are their bills going unpaid? Do they forget things you just told them only hours before?

The dementia experts at Five Star Senior Living outlined several tips on how to tell if your loved one’s memory challenges are typical signs of aging or something more serious. Review them now.

Consider all senior living options.

How does Memory Care compare to other types of communities? Because people with dementia can progress from having trouble remembering to needing assistance eating, walking, and other daily tasks, memory care communities provide higher levels of service and more specialized support than other types of senior living communities.

There’s value in specialized memory care.

How much does memory care cost? Searching for the right senior living memory care community and planning for the price can feel overwhelming. But we’re here to help make it easier. That’s why we created a comprehensive overview of the costs and benefits associated with memory care — so you can make the best decision for your loved one.