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Ideas for Decorating a Senior Living Apartment

Ideas for Decorating a Senior Living Apartment

Moving into a senior living apartment is an exciting new chapter in your life. It’s an opportunity to embrace a fresh start and make new friends. But how do you go about decorating your senior living apartment? Whether you’re making the move into an independent living or assisted living apartment, our guide to decorating and furnishing can help you create a new stylish space that is welcoming, and comfortable.

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Are Senior Living Apartments Furnished?

It’s one of the first questions that everyone asks. The answer is some senior living apartments come furnished while others are unfurnished, it can all depend on the specific community, but both offer their own benefits. An unfurnished apartment is a blank canvas that allows you to furnish and customize it exactly how you want. A furnished apartment provides you with essentials like a couch, table, and chairs so you can focus on setting up your favorite decorations and displaying beloved photos.

How to Make Senior Living Feel like Home

Moving into a new apartment can be challenging, especially if you’re downsizing from a larger, well-lived-in home. With our helpful tips and some planning, you can furnish your senior living apartment so it feels just like home.

Personalize with Beloved Memories

Incorporating cherished items and photos into your new home adds a personal touch that warms and comforts. Photos of family and friends, your favorite pieces of art, and most beloved knick-knacks can be great conversation starters too.

Choose Comfortable and Functional Furniture to Right-Size Your Home

Opt for furniture that gives you the best of both worlds providing comfort and functionality. For example, a coffee table with added storage underneath. Many furniture manufacturers offer pieces that can keep you comfortable while you right-size your space such as power lift chairs, multifunctional coffee tables, and extendable dining tables. Don’t forget to vertically maximize your space with bookcases and shelves.

Harness the Magic of Mirrors

Hanging large mirrors on the wall can help reflect light around your apartment and open up the room. Plus your mirror can be framed or unframed to help match the style and theme of your other decorations. Mirrors, combined with white furniture, can also help further disperse natural light.

Layer with Soft Furnishings and a Splash of Greenery

Throw blankets, cushions, rugs, and curtains add warmth, comfort, and character to your living space. You can also update them to match different moods and seasons. Adding in a plant or two can also add a touch of nature to your apartment. Artificial flowers and plants also add that earthy charm with low maintenance.

Keep Safety in Mind

When you move into a senior living apartment it’s important to consider safety when picking furniture. Incorporate furniture like rounded tables for ease of access, Use the three foot rule to ensure adequate space for all accessible areas, and set up proper light placement especially in areas that you’re most likely to fall like floor lips between rooms.

Be sure to reach out to your community prior to your move to see if they have any guidance on decorating a senior living apartment or moving your belongings into an apartment. Senior living communities like Five Star Senior Living are experts on resident move-ins and may have tips specific to their community.

How to Furnish and Decorate an Assisted Living Apartment

Furnishing an assisted living apartment is much like decorating any senior living apartment, but with an added focus on safety and accessibility. Maintain wide paths through hallways and around furniture to minimize the risk of bumps and falls.

Assisted living apartments should avoid area and/or throw rugs and loose power cords which can also cause falls. Accessible furniture and appliances are also essential such as large knobs on cabinets and glow in the dark light switches. These small additions to a senior living apartment can add up to a safer and more comfortable home.

Decorating your Five Star Senior Living Apartment

At Five Star Senior Living most of our apartments come unfurnished and we encourage our residents to bring their most cherished items, but we also work with residents to provide whatever furniture they may need.

An unfurnished apartment allows you to create a space all your own. Whether it’s the chair you sit in each morning to enjoy your coffee or the bookshelf that holds all your favorite novels, our team members will work with you before your move-in to make sure everything fits safely and securely.

Planning a move to a senior living community can be a challenge, but Five Star Senior Living offers you a world of choice, unparalleled comfort, and a community that empowers you. Find your community today.

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