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Active Senior Living Communities Do Exist

Active Senior Living Communities Do Exist

At Five Star Senior Living we’re on a mission to dispel the myth that all senior living communities are like nursing homes. When we refer to our communities as ‘active senior living communities’, we mean it!

In this article:

Learn more about our active senior living communities and the activities, enrichment, and sense of kinship our residents enjoy at any one of 130+ locations around the country.

Experience Five Star Senior Living

At Five Star Senior Living, we truly live up to our name, providing a five-star experience for all of our residents, whether staying with us for a season or making us their permanent residence. We’re proud to offer active senior living communities in 28 states, providing the Five Star Experience for happy residents in over 130 locations.

From our award-winning senior health and wellness programs to restaurant-style dining, our values of putting people first drive everything we do. We take pride in creating a full-service environment that meets our residents where they are and encourages independence, while providing full support every step of the way.

Lifestyle360 Senior Health and Wellness

One of the ways we foster an active senior living community lifestyle is through our Lifestyle360 program, a holistic health and wellness program for seniors. We don’t just focus on physical fitness and mobility – our Lifestyle360 program encompasses all aspects of wellbeing:

Physical – Staying physically active promotes both outer and inner strength! Each of our communities offers unique physical activities, from walking groups, dance classes, aquatic therapy, and yoga, to weight training, bocce ball, and zumba.

Social – Making meaningful connections and building healthy relationships is important at any age. Our active senior living social activities include things like game nights, golf outings, museum and theater trips, live entertainment, wine tastings, and more.

Emotional – We understand that a big change like transitioning to an active senior living community can be stressful for residents and families, so we provide ample emotional support and self-care resources, including support groups, poetry and painting workshops, spa days, intergenerational enrichment programs, and more.

Intellectual – Scholastic, cultural, and creative activities stimulate the mind and help you stay engaged with the world around you. Activities include art classes, book clubs, trivia, birdwatching, language courses, technology classes, and more.

Spiritual – Our spiritual activities support each resident’s unique spiritual journey, helping to foster a sense of purpose and meaning. Choose from spiritual programs like Bible study, pet therapy, meditation, prayer groups, horticulture therapy, and more.

Ageility Senior Rehab & Fitness

Our active senior living communities are redefining fitness and rehab for older adults with our Ageility Physical Therapy Solutions program. Our state-of-the-art senior fitness and rehab clinics are located right within our communities, bringing an entire suite of services and equipment to both short- and long-term residents. Our active senior living communities boast Ageility programs like:

  • Group fitness classes and one-on-one personal training with trainers specializing in older adult fitness
  • Physical, occupational and speech therapy
  • Memory care-focused fitness programs to foster strength and independence for residents living with Alzheimer’s and dementia

Learn more about how Ageility is changing the world of senior rehab and fitness.

Senior Living Activities

When we describe ourselves as active senior living communities, this doesn’t mean there’s pressure to participate in high-energy outings if you’re more comfortable staying home!

Whether you want to go out on the town and explore, or if you’d prefer to stay in and cozy up to a good book in the community library, we have senior living activities to suit every interest and meet residents where they are in terms of their level of mobility and social comfort.

Each of our active senior living communities offers its own unique suite of enriching activities, and we’re always adding new options catered to our residents’ interests. From local day trips to craft clubs, group exercise classes to quiet nature walks, there’s something for everyone at Five Star Senior Living.

Find an Active Senior Living Community Near You

At Five Star Senior Living, maintaining a vibrant, active life at every age is our priority. We’re so proud to offer our residents a lifestyle that blends comfort and support with purpose and enrichment, all in an environment designed with hospitality in mind. Are you looking to explore your options for active senior living? Find a community near you and contact us for a tour today!

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