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A fulfilled life for older adults means more than simply “living” and “being taken care of”.

residents cheering glassesYou’ve worked hard to reach your golden years. Now, it’s time not to stop, but to enjoy life on your own terms. Independent living gives you the keys and lets you choose the destination. Start your day with a swim, try on a virtual reality headset in the afternoon, and enjoy a tailored restaurant-quality meal for dinner. Or, don’t. When you join a Five Star independent living community, the choice is yours.

We get it. Retirement homes and senior living communities can often sound like institutions where you have to give up your favorite hobbies and be cared for by someone else. Five Star independent living communities see you as an individual and give older adults and seniors the freedom to pursue life to the fullest. It’s not a place to wind down, but to start the next chapter and explore new interests, meet new friends, and enjoy the active retirement you deserve.

Independent living and retirement at Five Star also gives you the perks of innovative programs and amenities to keep your mind and body sharp and in shape. The mission isn’t to just help residents live independently, but to thrive. Five Star’s LifeStyle360 offers a unique and exciting offering each day focused on wellness and self-discovery. When you join a Five Star active senior living community, there’s truly something to look forward to every day. Who knows? You may just discover a new talent you never knew you had.

Still not sure if independent living is right for you? We know finding the right retirement community can feel overwhelming and time-consuming. To make it easier, here are answers to the five most frequently asked questions about independent living so you can make the right decision for you.

Is independent living the same as assisted living? 

Though these two types of senior living share some similarities, independent living and assisted living are distinct in how much freedom they provide. Independent living is best for older adults who can still manage most things on their own and is much more hands-off than assisted living. It’s important to consider your overall health and mobility when going over either option, as assisted living offers more accessible care and assistance.

Another big difference is the type of activities available. Love to hit the links and plan weekend getaways? Independent living at Five Star offers more active programming than assisted living so you can stay on the go on your own schedule. There’s even more that sets these two senior living options apart, so be sure to review the key differences between independent living and assisted living in full before making a decision.

What are the benefits of independent living communities?

residents playing cornholeTired of constant home maintenance and cooking every meal? Independent living communities offer everything you love about lifestyle, without all the hassle of annoying errands and obligations. Since most services and amenities at Five Star are provided, like landscaping, transportation, and fine dining, you can focus on doing your favorite things and living carefree. You’ll also be living in a safe and secure environment where medical care will be right on hand, should you need it.

The best part of independent living? When you join a Five Star independent living community, you’ll be living alongside like-minded older adults who might just become lifelong friends. With numerous activities to enjoy and plenty of social time like group outings and clubs, there are ample opportunities to live independently, but never alone. The advantages don’t stop there. The list of benefits of independent living Five Star residents love is always growing.

What is independent living housing like?

It’s a common misconception that senior living accommodations are like college dorms, small and uncomfortable. The truth is, Five Star independent living apartments come in many sizes, offering the freedom to make your new accommodations feel just like home—similar to maintenance-free villas or small cottages that are part of many retirement communities. Many Five Star communities offer a wide range of independent living options, including beautifully designed and amenity-filled studios, or one and two-bedroom apartments that you can make your own.

How much does independent living cost?

It’s no secret that senior living communities have a reputation for being expensive and draining hard-earned retirement savings. Pricier doesn’t always translate to nicer, though. Independent living housing can actually be a very affordable option when you think about how it replaces all those everyday costs—home maintenance, car upkeep, grocery shopping, utilities etc.—and bundles them all together into one monthly bill.

Here’s what you need to know before choosing which community you can afford. The cost of retirement communities vary widely—typically a $2,000 to $5,000 bill each month that can’t be covered by Medicare—depending on the type of community and geographic location. Independent living communities located on the campus of a continuing care community will likely be more expensive than a stand-alone community due to the services and amenities offered. Independent living accommodations in major metropolitan areas or more desirable neighborhoods also carry a higher price tag.

Concerned about the cost of independent living and wondering if it’s worth it? Don’t worry. You have options at Five Star. Financial solutions and strategies are available to help make a Five Star independent living community work with your budget, so your nest egg stays feathered for as long as possible.

How can I find the perfect independent living community for me? 

residents together There is certainly no shortage of retirement communities out there to choose from. With so many options available, finding the one that’s the right fit can feel overwhelming. Many may look similar, with beautiful grounds and state-of-the-art facilities. What matters most, though, is discovering the community you won’t just live in, but be a valued member of. It’s about finding a place with a communal culture where your unique perspective and interests are welcomed and celebrated. The perfect independent living community for you isn’t just a place, but a feeling. The feeling of excitement for a new adventure, where new friends and experiences await, and the best is yet to come. 

The easiest way to get started looking is just to dive in. Explore different websites, read resident testimonials, and take a tour to ask questions and talk to current residents. No need to visit them all in-person. Five Star offers personalized senior living virtual tours over Zoom and FaceTime that include a guided visit through the neighborhood, meetings with team members, and a one-on-one with a sales counselor to answer any questions you may have. It’s safe for everyone, convenient to schedule, and the focus is all on you and what you’re looking for. 

We get it. The decision to join a retirement community is tough and shouldn’t be made lightly. You may be ready to move on from life’s less enjoyable responsibilities, but don’t want to sacrifice the freedom to live life to your fullest. That’s the mission of Five Star independent living communities. When you become a resident, you’ll gain so much more than what you’ll give up. A new hobby, a new friend, a new lease on life...the possibilities are limitless. At Five Star, one thing will always be true. No matter what you choose to do, it’s always up to you.

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