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Are Ride Share Services a Transportation Option for Seniors?

Are Ride Share Services a Transportation Option for Seniors?

When a senior driver is preparing to hang up their car keys for good, concerns often arise about how they will get be able to get around town. Many older adults don’t want to be what they perceive as a burden to family members. Public transportation isn’t always available or senior-friendly in some areas of the country, and taxi cabs can be cost-prohibitive for frequent use. 

Not knowing what they will do for transportation is one reason some seniors keep driving long after they begin to feel less confident behind the wheel. 

Because we understand how important it is for older adults to have solutions they feel confident in, we created this list of ride share services and transportation providers. We hope it will give you or the senior in your family some options to explore.

Transportation Options for Older Adults

  • Lyft: The ride sharing service Lyft has come up with some innovative programs to make it easier for older adults, including those without a smart phone, to access transportation. Whether it is transportation to and from the local mall or for a physician appointment, Lyft is an option to explore with a senior loved one.
  • GoGoGrandparent: For older adults who aren’t tech savvy or don’t have a smart phone, this transportation coordination service can be a big help. It acts as a concierge between transportation options, such as Lyft and Uber, in the local area and seniors who need a ride. 
  • Volunteer Transportation Programs: Many cities and counties have volunteer ride programs dedicated to safely transporting older adults. You can use this site to quickly locate programs near you or your senior family member. 
  • Area Agency on Aging: Your local agency on aging office is another option to explore. They often maintain a list of senior-friendly transportation services and volunteer transportation organizations. You can search the national agency’s database to find the contact information for the office that is closest to you.
  • iTNAmerica: Depending upon where in the country you live, you might find iTNAmerica to be helpful. They connect seniors with local transportation providers who will treat them with dignity and respect. That includes helping them with door through door service, not just dropping riders off or picking them up at the curb. 

Transportation Services at Five Star Senior Living

At Five Star Senior Living communities across the country, residents can take advantage of our in-house transportation services. It can be used for physician appointments, outings to local malls and restaurants, and more. Please call the Five Star community nearest you to arrange a tour and talk to one of our team members about your transportation needs. 

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