Paint Me a Birmingham

Paint Me a Birmingham

Explore and channel your creativity for the arts.  Celebrate the memory of lost loves. Unlock the amazing history and beauty in museums around the world!  Host outdoor social and dining events!  Endless opportunity for reminiscing and celebrating life thru experiences!

While “Paint Me A Birmingham” is a famous and favorite country music tune, the term “Birmingham” is often confused for the state of Alabama when in fact “Birmingham” is used to describe a home or settlement. A place “to put down roots” and “grow”.  The lyrics tell the story of the narrator meeting an artist on the beach who is painting ocean scenes.  He then asked the artist to paint the plans he had with his lost love bringing color and vibrancy to memories of his life’s journey and desire!

What a perfect title to explore thinking outside of the box, celebrate the rebirth of spring and the beautiful colors, sights and sounds of the season!  Explore memories and activities from our resident's past and honor the path that lead him or her to enjoy life today! 

April is the perfect month to celebrate a "splash of spring", adding flavor and fun to dining; collaboration with the community chef to collect, prepare and serve resident's favorite recipes! 

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