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Day of Serenity

May 3, 2017

Day of Serenity
Peace of Mind at The Forum - A Day of Serenity

An intimate affair was prepared for residents and guests to engage in some welcomed relaxation techniques and stress reduction tips. As attendees arrived, the atmosphere was instantly peaceful from their first steps into the quiet venue. A hint of scented aromatherapy oil danced in the air, triggering olfactory senses to envision calmness. A quaint hot tea bar provided refreshing healthful beverages with natural flavors ranging from exotic ginger infused black tea to traditional Earl Grey. 

The morning kicked off with an energetic talk by renowned motivational speaker Robert Landau. His bright personality, and matching iconic eye-catching blazer, captured the audience immediately. Mr. Landau seamlessly broke down what stress was and how to take control of its power over our lives. His infectious energy delighted everyone where he enlightened the audience with interpreting stress from a different point of view.
Yoga and Tai Chi instructor, Simone Oliver, engaged attendees with a simple yet beneficial meditation exercise accompanied with breathing awareness. She further elaborated that stress constantly evolves much like any individual’s moods and emotions. Thus, our perceptions of certain stressors will concurrently change when our state of mind shifts due to uncontrollable situations we are constantly bombarded with throughout life.

Ultimately, stress is what you make it. Therefore, by modifying how we interpret stress, we can make it into something less stressful or eliminate it completely. 

A few brilliant take-aways to remember in the art of reducing stress: 
- Stay in the “present” and DO NOT let the “past” or “future” overwhelm you 
- It is IMPOSSIBLE to live without any stress; however, you can manage and minimize the amount of stress you do have
- Be cognizant first of “your” own needs and be sure to take care of them (mind, body, and soul)
- A positive outlook on a stressor can transform its effects over us (TRY THIS: start the day off right with one of Mr. Landau’s trademark Robertisms -
Following both speakers, guests not only had some “food for thought,” but were also served a lovely luncheon to fuel those mental ruminations. The nutritious menu was thoughtfully created my Emily Collins, The Forum’s own Sales Director, with a knowledgeable background in dietetics and nutrition. Grilled Teriyaki chicken skewers, quinoa salad, and raspberry mousse were a few of the delicious dishes handcrafted in The Forum’s kitchen. 

The Forum closed the event by highlighting the importance of managing stress and how their facility addresses this with their Lifestyle360 program.