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Veterans Day Ceremony

November 13, 2017

Veterans Day Ceremony
Today we honored our Veterans at the North Myrtle Beach Park and Sports complex. It was a crisp, cool morning as Rolling Thunder opened the Veterans Day ceremony by riding their bikes into the complex. Our residents listened to several guest speakers as they thanked the Veteran’s for their service to our country, including Mayor Marilyn Hatley from the City of North Myrtle Beach. We are blessed each and every day for the freedom we have and today is a great reminder of the sacrifices each and every Veteran made by serving our Country and ensuring our continued freedom.    

One of our very own, Joe Gibbons was dressed in full uniform and is seen standing next to Mayor Hatley. Hatley states that if it were not for Mr. Gibbons she would have never been re-elected as he has always been a great supporter of hers. Mr. Gibbons served in the Coastguard and in the Army as well as Changing of the Guard in Arlington, VA. I would like to take this moment to say thank you, to all the served and are serving today.