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Parkinson's Foundation Fundraiser

May 15, 2019

Parkinson's Foundation Fundraiser

Exton Senior Living partnered with the Parkinson Foundation in order to raise support and awareness for their foundation. The mission of The Parkinson’s Foundation is to improve the quality of care for people with Parkinson’s disease through research, education and outreach. Exton Senior Living promoted the Parkinson’s Foundation's passionate vision and mission through hosting a live auction of raffle baskets and prizes to win at the community. Also, home health agency, Well Springs of Chester County,  provided a photo booth for residents  and family members at Exton Senior Living to capture  the fun of the event. Over $150.00 was raised in just a few hours.

Exton Senior Living strives to make residents lives more enjoyable through monthly events. The community is built on the principle of helping others and putting people first. Partnering with such a great cause is a wonderful way to do this and provide residents and community members with research, education, and treatment for Parkinson’s.