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How Assisted Living Combines Support with Independence

How Assisted Living Combines Support with Independence

There are many persistent myths about assisted living communities. Most of them are linked to outdated nursing-home stereotypes. The truth is that assisted living offers older adults the right amount of support to safely maintain their independence. 

Here are some benefits of assisted living that seniors and their loved ones should know.

6 Reasons to Move to an Assisted Living Community

1. On-site wellness activities 

Assisted living communities offer residents wellness programs designed to meet every ability level and interest. At Five Star communities, for example, you’ll find daily fitness activities that range from walking groups and chair yoga to water aerobics and line dancing. 

Residents also benefit from dedicated care teams. Caregivers provide assistance with everything from chronic disease management to medication support.

2. No home-maintenance responsibilities 

Maintaining a home can be time consuming and expensive! It can limit a senior’s ability to travel, pursue hobbies, and explore new passions. Household maintenance and repairs can also take a big bite out of a retiree’s budget. 

Another benefit of moving to an assisted living community is that all house-related chores and worries go away. Everything from snow removal to appliance repair is done for you. 

3. Well-balanced meals to enjoy with friends

Healthy cooking for one can be difficult. Seniors who live alone, or who no longer cook, often resort to packaged meals and fast food. Neither option is very healthy. The social aspect of dining when a senior is alone can also make them less interested in meal times. 

Assisted living communities offer dining choices that range from flexible, quick-service meals to fine dining. At Five Star Senior Living, residents enjoy MyChoice Dining. In this program, residents receive pre-loaded Dining Dollars that they are free to use in any of the community’s cafes or dining rooms.

4. Enrichment activities to engage the body, mind, and spirit

In addition to wellness options, residents of an assisted living community also have a variety of life-enrichment activities to explore. These are typically offered every day and engage the body, mind, and spirit. 

Book clubs, computer classes, movie nights, card groups, art workshops, and religious offerings are just a few examples of the many choices available. Outings to nearby restaurants and shopping malls are also frequently provided. 

5. Transportation services are available

For older adults who have limited their driving, or who have given up driving completely, transportation services are another benefit of choosing an assisted living community. Transportation can be utilized for physician appointments, errands, and other necessary stops.

These services are often complimentary, but sometimes require a nominal fee.

6. Cost effective housing solution

Assisted living is a cost-effective housing solution. In addition to a private apartment or suite, utilities, activities, meals, housekeeping, and laundry are also included. Personal care charges are typically based on a resident’s unique needs. If you were to pay for these services and amenities at home, the costs would add up quickly. 

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