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Can Introverts Be Happy in a Senior Living Community?

Can Introverts Be Happy in a Senior Living Community?

For many seniors, the wide variety of life enrichment activities and wellness programs are one of the primary benefits of moving to a senior living community. The opportunity to meet new people and connect in informal settings, like the dining room or community garden, is another bonus. For an older adult who has been isolated in their own home, the appeal of having so many options for daily activity can be very attractive.

But for seniors who value their privacy, the idea of being surrounded by so many people all the time can be a turnoff. While adults with extroverted personalities gain energy from being around other people, introverts can be overwhelmed in environments that require them to be social for long periods of time. Introverts need time alone to recharge their batteries and relax.

If the need for privacy is preventing you or an elder in your family from moving to a senior living community, here’s what you should know.

Introverts and Senior Living Communities

  1. Activities and programs: While senior living communities offer a wide variety of daily resident activities, participation is not mandatory. It’s not like sleepover camp where you are forced to join activities all day, every day. Residents choose how many—or few—activities they wish to be a part of. An older adult who likes their privacy might enjoy yoga a few mornings a week and a Saturday morning watercolor class. Each resident sets their own daily schedule.
  2. Flexible dining programs: Some residents enjoy spending time with fellow residents during an evening meal. Lively discussion and engaging conversation can be a great way to end the day, but a more introverted resident might not want to join in. Some senior living communities have flexible meal options. At Five Star Senior Living, for example, we offer our MyChoice Dining program. Each resident receives a card preloaded with monthly Dining Dollars. These dollars can be used in any of the community’s cafes and dining locations. A resident can grab a quick bite alone in a café, order a meal to go, or enjoy a sit-down meal in the dining room. For a resident who prefers to skip the conversation and socializing, this is an ideal solution.
  3. Scheduled housekeeping: Another concern more reserved seniors might have is whether staff will respect their privacy. This can be especially true for services like housekeeping. An introverted senior might worry that housekeepers and other staff members will show up without warning. That’s not the case. The community’s team members will respect and honor a senior’s boundaries. Services such as housekeeping, laundry, and routine maintenance are usually scheduled in advance.

While it might take time for a more introverted senior to settle into their new home, they’ll likely find a senior living community to be a great place to live.

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Fall is a great time to visit and move to a senior living community! Your older loved one can be safely settled before the snow begins to fly. Call the Five Star Senior Living community nearest you to schedule a tour.

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