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Waves Reunion

June 24, 2015

Waves Reunion

A very special reunion recently took place at College View Manor. Doris Yeakey and Dorothy Borders (both 91 years old) were reunited after 70 years. Doris and Dorothy both served as Waves in the U.S. Navy during World War II.

Doris and Dorothy originally met when stationed in Milledgeville, Georgia in 1944, following boot camp. Both were eventually transferred to Dallas, Texas, where they were assigned storekeeping duties. Doris worked as a bookkeeper 3rd class and Dorothy worked in supply corp dispersing 2nd class.

While in the Waves, Doris married a soldier who was stationed in Germany. When the war ended the two friends parted ways and unfortunately, lost contact with one another. Doris returned to Joplin and started a family. Dorothy remained in the Waves for 2-3 months after the war ended and then returned to Kentucky where she married a Baptist minister and started a family. They were married for 55 years.

One evening in May, 2011, while watching the news, Dorothy saw that a massive tornado had hit Joplin, Missouri. She remembered her best friend from years ago lived in Joplin. With the help of her daughter, they tried to contact Doris to make sure that she was alright. Because telephone service had been interrupted, they were not able to reach her. After several months went by, they tried calling again, this time with success!

Since that time, Doris and Dorothy have corresponded by phone and mail. With their families’ assistance, Dorothy was able to travel to Joplin to see her best friend from 70 years ago!

When asked about memories from their time in the Waves, Doris said she remembered Dorothy’s beautiful blue eyes and Dorothy remembered being playfully teased by fellow GIs who called her “Cowboy Kentucky”. Both ladies were happy with their decision to volunteer for the Waves and said they loved it! Doris, Dorothy, and other Waves, opened the door for women in the military. Thank you for your service, Ladies!