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The Secrets to a Long Lasting Love

The Secrets to a Long Lasting Love

“Stay up in cloud nine as long as you can.  Keep that love and happiness you felt when you saw each other for the first time going as long as you can.”- Lil

“Learn to say YES MA’AM!” –Tom 

“Always be willing to give and not just take.” – Delphine

“Travel while you are able to and make memories that you can relive later in life.”  – Marcus 

“Truthfulness and faithfulness.” – Aline

“Love, patience and respect.” – Nan

“Give each other his/her own space to enjoy individual likes and hobbies.”

“Don’t die.” – LeeRoy 

“Be kind to each other and love each other.” – Rosey

“Every now and then someone has to give.  No one is right 100% of the time.” – Leonard

“I didn’t run away!” – Walt

“That’s between my husband and I.” – Wilma

“Keep each other laughing throughout the years. Couples that laugh together stay together.”  – Joyce

“Having a  lot in common.  Hugs and kisses every day to keep the fire burning.” – Bill

“Like each other. Always check up on each other to make sure the other is okay. Taking each other out.” – June

“Well, you got me on that one.” – Carla

“Having a patient wife.” – Frank 

“Never go the bed mad at each other.  Always make up, it’s more fun.” – Barney and Miriam

“Think before you speak, and have mutual respect.”- Ira 

“Always be open to discussing issues.”- Lucille 

“Don’t be bossy.”- Bonnie 

“ One word, forbearance.”- Jeanette 

“Show love to each other forever and ever.”- Mary Jane 

“Treat your partner as you would like to be treated.”- Teresa 

“Pick the right partner.”- Richard 

“Not getting caught!”- Fred 

“It takes two to make a happy home.”- Joanne 

“Sleep in separate beds.”- Boyd 

“Sit down, talk it over, and do whatever SHE says!”- Tipton 

“Good sense of humor, communication, and being supportive.”- Molly Powell

“You apologize when you are right, and you apologize when you are wrong.” – Rachel

“I am afraid of all women – and my answer to everything they say is… Yes Darling, you are absolutely right.” – Riley

“Make sure you be true to him, but watch him like a hawk!” – Catherine

“ Keep it simple. Always use common sense and love in everything you do.” – Linda

“Work together on meeting each of your goals. Love is about sharing and giving.” – Sally

“Honor your vows.” – Beatrice

“Don’t marry anyone that smokes!” – Elliott

“Separate bathrooms!” – Gina

“Happy homes, meeting other people, learning, and the ability to see the world.” Beverly and Bob

“We share the same heritage, religion, politics, values and strong family ties, so we were free of the many issues that contribute to marital problems, and we also enjoy the same kind of music, entertainment, literature and writing poetry. ” – Martha and Nick

“Having love, respect, honesty and encouragement for one another. Communicating with one another and supporting each other’s decisions, especially, when it came to raising the children.” – Pat 

“Loving one another and being kind to each other. Discussing your problems instead of hiding them.” – Hattie

“You have to be willing to take the good with the bad.” – Hazel 

“Always say, ‘Yes Dear’ and ‘What else Dear?'” – Robert 

“Always communicate with one another about any and everything.” – Mary

“Two T.V’s.” – Helen

“Declare your love to one another every night before bed.” – Tony and Joe

“A long and happy marriage results when each spouse feels that he/she made the best deal!” – Elvin

“I think being “good friends” is one secret to maintaining a good “love” relationship. Being tolerant is another.” – Bill

“We shared, we gave, we enjoyed, we worked, we gave to the children, we disagreed, and we always made up. We were in love!” – Gene

“Sense of humor was our secret and lots luck (I think).” – Joyce

“Be committed. Show your affection often by word and deed.” – Robert

“Never go to bed angry. Never get mad at the same time. Skip the small stuff.” – Jane

“No arguing….treat each other with respect.” – Dorothy

“Relationship is compromising and a mutual caring among each other.” – Ben

“Don’t fight for everything, they key word is knowing how to forgive each other.”

“Think of your partner first and everything will fall into place.” – Al

“Having respect and love for each other and being best friends with the person you are with.” – Gloria

“Staying with each other while going through difficult times, remember to always compliment each other and support each other with their own individual interests.” – Bob

“To give love and be loving.” – Faye

“Being patient and don’t look for something wrong with them at all times.” – Virginia

“Love the person with all your heart and respect each other’s wishes.” – Lorene


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