Finding Purpose in Sharing Your Passion

Finding Purpose in Sharing Your Passion

Sep 16, 2021
Shirley, a resident of Savannah Square in Savannah, GA

There’s a common misconception out there that getting older means it’s time to pass the torch on things that give your life purpose. Maybe that’s leading a nonprofit, coaching a Little League team or just being the head of your household. The truth is, no matter your age, a community awaits you at Five Star Senior Living where you can lead and create change, wherever your purpose lies. Plus, you’re in the driver’s seat and are supported every step of the way. But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s how Shirley, a resident of Savannah Square in Savannah, GA, took charge and created a community that gives her purpose.

Spirituality has always played a key role in Shirley’s life. For 40 years, she led a Sunday school for third graders at her local church and is still active in her congregation today. In 2016, she moved into Savannah Square and made fast friends with fellow residents eager to engage in spiritual discussions. When Shirley looked over the community activity list, though, she noticed that there wasn’t one devoted to spiritual devotion. So, she decided to start and lead one herself. Soon after, her “Devotions, Discussions and Music” group began meeting in the Activities Room every Thursday afternoon, and Shirley says what started as a gathering of just a few people is “really hopping now.”

“Church life, devotion, and prayer time are important in my life and I wanted to share that with others,” says Shirley. “The group is really working here and I’m excited about it.”

From the beginning, Shirley made sure the group was welcoming to all and would enrich the spirit through uplifting songs and sermons. Most weeks, a nondenominational preacher comes to speak, followed by rollicking piano music from one of the residents. Her favorite meetings, though, are when she’s able to bring in a harmonica player that gets everyone’s toes tapping. “I’m near dancing on the table,” she says.

Life Without Limits

One of the best things about the Devotions group, Shirley says, is how easy it was to start and how supported she feels by Savannah Square team members. All it took to launch the group was a chat with her Activities Director. Once it was approved, the group got added to the weekly activity list that goes out to all residents under programs aimed toward promoting the spiritual dimension of wellness. When the group needed a larger space, team members also helped move a piano downstairs to the Activities Room so more folks could join. She also loves that, no matter what residents dream up, they have the freedom to make it their own. “I don’t have any limitations,” she says.

She’s not the only one. Residents in Five Star communities across the country have started billiard clubs, planned lecture series, and even gotten their favorite recipes on the dinner menu just by making a request. The Five Star experience is truly what you make it.

Your Schedule, No Obligations

The Devotions group may be Shirley’s “baby,” but her passion for people is evident within and beyond the community. She also keeps busy as the president of the Independent Resident Association, a group made up of Savannah Square independent living residents that’s able to spur change in the community. Even in retirement, she also manages a marina property her family owns and rents out in Savannah and volunteers in the gift shop of St. Joseph’s/Candler Hospital. Though she’s involved in all sorts of groups and activities inside and outside Savannah Square, she says she enjoys that she can be “as busy as you want to be” and spend the hours however she likes.

“I like the independence that I can make my own choices and join the things I choose to join. I’m not obligated,” she says.

Even More to Explore in a Independent Senior Living Community Near You

Shirley doesn’t plan on slowing down any time soon. Whether it’s planning the next Devotions group meeting or helping welcome in a new resident, Shirley is as engaged in her Five Star community as in her church community. Curious what else she gets up to? Watch a fun-filled day in her life and discover how she makes the most of stress-free senior living.

Whether you’re spiritual or not, Five Star offers activities and experiences for nearly every background and interest, and you have the freedom to fill in the gaps. Find out if there’s a Five Star senior living community near you to start sharing your passions.

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