Lifestyle360: A New Approach to Resident Wellness

Stay active after retirement and embrace all the social events, wellness programs, and intellectual activities available at Five Star Senior Living communities.

A New Approach to Resident Wellness

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At Five Star Senior Living, we invite residents into our senior living communities not just to live with us, but to thrive with us. It’s been widely publicized that adults are living longer but there is a lot of evidence that we aren’t necessarily living longer in a healthy state. Five Star is working to change that with our Lifestyle360 program.

Lifestyle360 is a holistic approach to active community living. The wellness program focuses on enriching residents’ lives using five dimensions of wellness, and is built on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, a theory about how individuals work toward self-actualization – or becoming one’s “best” self. Using oneself as the benchmark makes the program inherently personalized as each resident works toward developing her/his interests and abilities. Each aspect of the program is research-based and has been shown to have physical, mental, and/or spiritual benefits which, in concert, improve overall wellness and feelings of well-being.

All Five Star Senior Living communities will offer at least one event or activity every day that corresponds to one of the five dimensions. While we are already offering events for seniors that support one or more aspect of wellness, we’re excited to experiment with a wider variety of wellness programs and try new things with our residents! As always, we invite families to engage with us and their loved ones – find a program and join us!

Learn more about each dimension and see some of the exciting offerings you will begin seeing at our active senior living communities!

Your Complete Guide to the Cost of Senior Living

Your Complete Guide to the Cost of Senior Living

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