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There’s always something to look forward to when you greet each morning in a Five Star Senior Living community. You’ll find plenty of activities to fill your days and enrich your life, whether it’s learning a new language, brushing up on painting watercolors, joining a club or hopping in the van to tour a local museum. Not a joiner? Don’t worry. There’s lots of opportunity for quiet time, too, from curling up with a good book in the library or going for a walk with a friend to bird watching or practicing meditation. Or mix it up! At Five Star, it’s always your day, your way.

Have a nice—make that great—day

In Five Star Senior Living communities across the country, every day offers more to explore. Just ask Shirley.

Get a little crazy

Grandma, what big virtual teeth you have! Some Five Star residents discover SnapChat, and there’s no going back.

Gone fishin’
(and eatin’…and dancin’…and…)

This one-minute capture of life in Calusa Harbor, a Five Star community in Fort Myers, feels like a slice of heaven.

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