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Loved One Moving to Senior Living? Here’s How to Start the Search

Loved One Moving to Senior Living? Here’s How to Start the Search

What are the next steps? How do you find the best senior community?

The following tips can help you or your older loved one find a senior living community they will be happy to call home.

What to Consider in the Search for a Senior Living Community
Here’s what you should consider in your search:

Be Realistic about the Senior’s Budget

Before you actually start the search, take an honest look at your aging loved one’s finances. How much they can afford to spend? And how will they be paying for senior living?

Determine What Type of Care They May Need

Does your loved one already require assisted living services? Do they need dementia care? Are they healthy and active but want to be prepared for a day when they might need some extra help?

Their requirements for care combined with their budget will help you determine whether they need assisted living, memory care or a continuing care retirement community.

Location, Location, Location

Realtors are right. Location matters. For convenience, you’d probably prefer your loved one to be close to you. So that’s a factor to consider.

But don’t search for a senior living community based solely on proximity to your house. Ideally, the community will also be centrally located near their preferred doctors, shops they frequent, and other amenities.

Relocating When Your Loved One Lives Far Away

If you are relocating a senior loved one who lives far away from you, there are other factors to consider. Do they want to stay in their hometown? Be near their church or synagogue? Move closer to you? Or do they want to relocate somewhere else entirely, such as to a warmer climate?

Consider the climate, convenience to transportation services (so you can visit easily), and, of course, the safety of the surrounding neighborhood.

Pinpoint Your Loved One’s Likes and Dislikes

There are senior living communities today that cater to nearly every lifestyle, from green communities for those concerned about the environment to golf communities for seniors who love to hit the course every day. Talk to your loved one about what they like to do and how they’d like to spend their retirement years.

Don’t make assumptions about what is important to your family member. Your outdoor-loving dad might have recently developed an interest in art or photography since his hip replacement. Or maybe your mom, who spent her life behind a desk, has been waiting for retirement to start hiking and bicycling.

Discuss Their Preferred Styles

Again, don’t assume you know what your aging parent would like based on their current home’s décor. Moving into a senior community is a great way for an older adult to reinvent themselves and their sense of style.

From glamorous luxury to a comfy traditional setting, there is a senior community to appeal to every taste.

Ask Around for Reviews and Feedback

Just as you would if you were searching for the best doctor or home contractor, ask people you know for recommendations in senior living.  You can also visit online review sites to see what other families have to say about a community you are considering.

Visit Communities

In-person visits are a must before you make a decision. Tour the community at least twice and ask lots of questions. Spend some extra time driving around the neighborhood. Especially if your loved one is considering a place outside of their current town, you’ll want to assess the area.

Start Here

Once your loved one knows what area they would like to live in and what amenities are important, you can start the search for a senior community right here at Five Star Senior Living.

With more than 270 senior living communities in over 30 states, you will likely find exactly what you’re looking for at Five Star

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