For Families

We all hope to keep our parents in their own home for as long as possible. At some point, you may decide that isn’t a safe option. Whether your loved one is considering senior living, just about to move in, or has just made the transition, having more information and resources can help you as a family. Check out this caregiver guide to get tips, advice, and insight no matter where your family is on the senior living timeline. This resource guide is refreshed regularly so be sure to bookmark this page and check back often!

Recognizing your Aging Parent Needs Help

Do you worry about your aging parent living alone? Do you know the common early warning signs that your mom or dad needs additional assistance or could be at risk? This video serves as a guide to help determine if you need to take the next step and speak to an expert on aging.

Transitioning Your Parent to Senior Living

A Daughter's Guide to Transitioning Your Parent to Senior Living

Moving a parent from their home into senior living is about much more than what to pack. Inside the Five Star Senior Living "A Daughter's Guide to Transitioning Your Parent to Senior Living" eBook we share some tips for embracing this fresh opportunity, for everyone.

Researching and Considering Your Options

If you are seeking out a living situation that is optimal for your aging parent, you may be overwhelmed with all the choices. In this video, learn more about the options, from independent living, to assisted living, to hiring a home health aid. Understanding the pros and cons of each is the first step to understanding the best choice for your family.

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