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15,000 and Climbing – Five Star Powers Forward with Vaccinations

15,000 and Climbing – Five Star Powers Forward with Vaccinations

Across the nation, Five Star residents and team members are beating COVID-19 together by rolling up their sleeves — literally.

As of today, Jan. 27, 2021, Five Star has offered vaccine clinics in more than 170 communities working with our vaccine distribution partner, CVS Health. That is over 60% of the way to having clinics in all of our communities. We have vaccinated more than 15,000 residents and team members and are averaging about 500 vaccinations a day!

These are great milestones, made possible by the dedication and determination of team members and residents stepping up to be vaccinated to help our communities — and our country — achieve the goal of 70% of the population getting vaccinated. That is the point at which health experts say we may achieve “herd immunity” – when the risk of spreading the virus from one person to another goes significantly down.

To put it in perspective: It is estimated that, if 70% of us were vaccinated, we could reach herd immunity by May 2021! If only 30%-40% of us were vaccinated, we would not achieve herd immunity until December 2022! Thanks to our residents and team members, we are doing our part and are well on our way to herd immunity within Five Star!

Giving population immunity some P.O.P.!

One way we are encouraging Five Star residents and team members to be vaccinated is with our Power of People (P.O.P.) campaign. With its rallying cry, “The Power of People. The Power to Protect,” and double-V hand gestures (V for Victory, V for Vaccines), P.O.P. has prompted hundreds of residents and team members to be vaccinated and share “why” they are doing it.

Resident getting the covid-19 vaccine

Pat, age 103, who lives in our Mt. Arlington, N.J., community, shares his “why” for getting the COVID-19 vaccine!

Other ways Five Star is leading the charge

We know that nationwide vaccine distribution has challenges that are beyond our control, especially the timing of vaccinations for independent living residents, which varies from state to state. Even so, we are proud of how our residents and team members have risen to the challenge to help overcome potential delays. Five Star communities, wherever possible, are actively encouraging team members to go to local health agencies if they can be vaccinated there sooner. Additionally, some communities are proactively researching how to arrange for independent living residents to obtain vaccinations so that they, too, can be vaccinated. We are forging full steam ahead!

We believe in the Power of People

At Five Star, we want everyone in our communities who wants the COVID-19 vaccine to get it as soon as possible. We are enormously grateful for the 15,000 residents and team members vaccinated so far, and we remain committed to multiplying that number so that everyone in our care remains safe and happy!

Have questions about the COVID-19 vaccine?

Five Star Chief Medical Officer Dr. Priti Jindal answers the most frequently asked questions we have received about the COVID-19 vaccine. Check out our extensive COVID-19 vaccine FAQs. Dr. Jindal responded to a number of vaccine questions on our latest webinar for Five Star residents and families. You can view the webinar here!

Five Star communities—a safe place to be

If you are considering a move to a senior living community, we are offering incredible incentives right now. And with our vaccine clinics up and running, now is a great time to make the move to a Five Star community. Find out if there is one near you!

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