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50 Reasons We Love Mom—and Moms

50 Reasons We Love Mom—and Moms

Queen for a day? How about every day? In all the world, it’s hard to imagine someone who deserves to be celebrated more than a cherished mother or mother figure. That’s true every day of the year, but especially on Mother’s Day. Yet for all the cards and e-greetings out there, it can be hard to find just the right words for that special someone. Here, then, is our modest attempt to compile a list of 50 heartfelt reasons we love our moms. We hope it inspires you to express your own personal thanks to yours.

Reason #50
She always knew which mistakes to let you make and which ones to save you from.

Reason #49
No matter what happens, she’ll always love you.

Reason #48
Her smile makes everything okay.

Reason #47
“What? You’re wearing that?

Reason #46
She’s the one person you know for certain you can always call.

Reason #45
She taught you how to be a good person—and everything else that matters.

Reason #44
She’s always believed in you and taught you to do the same.

Reason #43
She knows how to keep a secret.

Reason #42
She’s as good a grandmother as she was a mom.

Reason #41
Her [insert favorite meal] is to die for.

Reason #40 
There are a hundred inside jokes only the two of you understand.

Reason #39
She knows when you need her to be completely honest.

Reason #38
There’s nothing she wouldn’t do for you.

Reason #37
She’s the only person who will never get tired of hearing about your kids.

Reason #36
She’s the only person who will tell you she’s tired of hearing about your kids.

Reason #35
Anything she makes somehow tastes better than when you make it.

Reason #34
She knows if something is wrong just from the way you say hello.

Reason #33
If you start forgetting who you are, she’s there to remind you.

Reason #32
She loved you even when you were a teenager.

Reason #31
She still has all your trophies and awards from when you were a kid.

Reason #30
If you ever feel unloved, all you need to do is to talk to her.

Reason #29
She made sure you could see her adoring face in the audience when you were in the school play.

Reason #28
She fixed everything that time you tried to give yourself a haircut.

Reason #27
She “likes” all of your posts … even when no one else does.

Reason #26
You love it when people say you remind them of her.

Reason #25
She still listens to your temper tantrums and can still calm you down.

Reason #24
She never complained about making all those school lunches.

Reason #23
She isn’t scared to say she loves you.

Reason #22
She could always find stuff you lost.

Reason #21
She never rolls her eyes at the drama in your life. (She may frown, but she never rolls her eyes.)

Reason #20
She dried your tears and still laughs at your jokes.

Reason #19
There wasn’t a better nurse when you were sick.

Reason #18
Her voice is still one of the sweetest sounds in the world.

Reason #17
She taught you how to stand up for yourself.

Reason #16
She could be tough as nails and gentle as the rain.

Reason #15
She loves you for who you are.

Reason #14
It still means the world when she says she’s proud of you.

Reason #13
She is still the first person you call in both happy and difficult times.

Reason #12
She’s your biggest fan and most honest critic.

Reason #11
You still can’t wait to call her when you’ve done something awesome.

Reason #10 
She’s always been your cheerleader.

Reason #9
She has that one corny joke that still cracks you up.

Reason #8
She helped make you the person you are today.

Reason #7
You wouldn’t be here without her. (You really wouldn’t.)

Reason #6
She knew how to give you freedom but also boundaries.

Reason #5
No one is prouder when you win and more supportive when you lose.

Reason #4
She is irreplaceable in your life, truly one-of-a-kind.

Reason #3
Her shoulders were the best to cry on—and still the best to stand on when you need to see the bigger picture.

Reason #2
Who else would have told you about clean socks and underwear?

And the number one reason we love our moms …

Reason #1
She’s your best friend—and always will be.

This Mother’s Day, celebrate your mom. And if you’re a mom, celebrate yourself. It’s moms who make home feel like home—and, by the way, they help Five Star Senior Living communities feel like home, too. So whether you’re looking for a new community for you, your mom, or someone else, there’s a new home that will feel like home waiting at Five Star.

Find out if there’s a Five Star community near you. And Happy Mother’s Day!

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