Respite as a Trial Stay for Assisted Living

Respite as a Trial Stay for Assisted Living

Mar 06, 2020

Are you having difficulty convincing your aging loved one that they could benefit from the services and amenities offered in an assisted living residence?

Do you need a temporary break from caregiving to re-charge your batteries or tend to other situations in your life?

Respite care could be the answer for you and your senior loved one.

What is Respite Care?

In short, respite gives caregivers a short break – respite – from the 24/7 duties of caring for an aging loved one.

Respite care may include:

  • Adult day care for seniors to enjoy companionship and organized activities
  • A few hours a week or month of assistance from a home care aide
  • A short-term stay –a few days or a few weeks --- at an assisted living community to provide caregivers with a break

During respite stays, your senior loved one will enjoy all the same amenities as full-time residents of a senior living community. They might go on day trips, take classes, play games, enjoy gourmet meals, exercise, and engage in new hobbies.

Short-term respite apartments are usually fully furnished, but guests can bring some of their favorite belongings. It might be framed family photos or a favorite throw to snuggle up under on the couch.

Reasons to Use Respite Care

Seniors and their caregivers might take advantage of respite care if a full-time caregiver is going on vacation. Or a senior might choose to avoid extremely hot or extremely cold temperatures by spending a season in respite care in a different region of the country.

But one of the most common reasons for short-term respite care is to try out a senior community before moving in.

Using Respite Care as a Trial for Assisted Living

If an aging loved one doesn’t believe they need assisted living services, spending a few weeks in respite care might help them see how much they’ve been struggling to do things on their own. Or just how much they’ve been relying on you for help each day.

  • Do they like the apartment?
  • Are they compatible with other residents?
  • Is the staff attentive and friendly?
  • Are they happy with the amenities and activities offered?

Since all senior communities have different strengths and weaknesses, it might take some time to find the one that’s the best fit for your loved one. Respite care provides a way to do so with no long-term commitments.

Your loved one may be surprised how much they enjoy life at a senior living community. In fact, your loved one might enjoy their respite experience so much that they suggest a move to assisted living before you can even bring it up!

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