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Why You Should Visit a Senior Living Community during the Holidays

Why You Should Visit a Senior Living Community during the Holidays

Even when families talk on the phone several times a week, an aging parent may be unwilling to open up about the problems they are experiencing. We talk with panicked families throughout the holiday season who are in a frantic search to find an assisted living community while they are home. But many are reluctant to discuss the issue or bring their loved one for a visit during the holidays.
Surprisingly, the holidays can be an ideal time to visit a senior living community in Indiana. From the festive décor to the jam-packed schedule of events, the holiday season in an assisted living community is very lively!
Why Visit an Indiana Senior Living Community during the Holidays?
While adult children may feel like the holidays are a terrible time of year to talk about moving to an assisted living community, the opposite might actually be true.
Here are a few reasons you should consider touring senior living communities in Indiana when you visit your senior loved one this holiday season:

  • Family Input: Because families are often together during the holidays, it can be an ideal time to discuss senior care options and to visit communities together.
  • Enjoy the Festivities: Senior living communities are especially lively and festive during the holidays. Youth groups visit to entertain, school choirs perform, and the halls are decked. The whole spirit of the community can be very appealing to a senior who may be feeling isolated living alone at home.
  • Beat the Rush: January is often a very popular month for families to visit and tour assisted living communities. Your senior loved one might have a wider range of apartments to choose from during November and December. Beat the rush by exploring your options during the holiday season and getting your deposit in before January.

Assess a Senior Loved One’s Safety
The holiday visit can also be a good time to assess a senior loved one’s home for safety. We’ve put together a quick and easy guide to make that task easier. Download your complimentary copy of “The Indiana Caregiver’s Guide to Senior Safety at Home” to get started.

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