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The New News on Diabetes & Alzheimer’s

The New News on Diabetes & Alzheimer’s

The research for diseases like diabetes and Alzheimer’s never stops. Studies that were news two months ago seem obsolete today. At Five Star Senior Living our professionals are always up-to-date. We know that’s not so easy for the average reader to do.

This week we wanted to take a moment to educate older adults on the newest findings and the advocacy efforts surrounding these all too prevalent diseases. Its part of our on-going efforts to share fresh and relevant information on our Indiana Resource Center blog.

The Latest on Diabetes

The experts from recently shared new research on TB vaccines and their potential effectiveness in fighting Type 1 Diabetes.

A clinical trial is currently being conducted to see if an injection used to prevent tuberculosis can treat Type 1. The vaccine is called, Bacille Calmette-Guerin (BCG). It is used a vaccine used to prevent tuberculosis and is sometimes used in the treatment of bladder cancer. BCG is thought to have the potential to enhance blood sugar levels in diabetics.

The study is proposed to last 5 years and is believed to hold much promise. Unlike other trials, the safety of this treatment is not called into question as it has been used for almost a century. Two of three people vaccinated showed signs of immune system improvements and insulin production. The second portion of the trial will also focus longtime diabetes patients and include a larger sample size.

Alzheimer’s Advocacy Update

The Alzheimer’s Association operates a comprehensive resource center online at This advocacy organization has been pushing to advance research for Alzheimer’s and dementia since 1980. They continue to inform the public on related issues.

One important advocacy effort currently underway is the Hope for Alzheimer’s Act. This bipartisan proposal aims to enhance existing Medicare coverage for newly diagnosed patients. Although coverage currently exists, it is far short of adequate in the modern healthcare delivery system.

Medicare’s current coverage fails to cover a patient’s care planning services. Once the diagnosis is made, patients and their families often find themselves on their own as they struggle to locate care providers and resources their loved one needs. Extending Medicare coverage to ensure comprehensive care planning would have a tremendous impact on Alzheimer’s patients’ lives.

The HOPE Act would also require doctors to document the diagnosis and encourage physicians to spend time educating the patient and their family. Dementia can be a confusing term for older adults to understand. Encouraging conversations between a physician and the patient/family can make it easier for them to understand what comes next and how to begin preparing for it.

Five Star Senior Living specializes in providing care for residents who have memory loss. If an Indiana senior you love has recently received the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s, we would be happy to answer any questions you may have. Please call the Indiana Five Star Senior Living community nearest you for more information.

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