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Choosing Alzheimer’s Respite When the Family Caregiver Needs a Break

Choosing Alzheimer’s Respite When the Family Caregiver Needs a Break

Take heart. Respite care can provide you with some free time. 

You might want to use respite care to:

  • Run errands without worrying about your loved one
  • Revel in some precious “me time” at the spa, spend a day with friends, or just to go to the gym
  • Enjoy an overnight (or longer) trip or vacation
  • Spend quality time with your spouse, children, or other loved ones
  • Catch up on chores around the house that are difficult to do while keeping an eye on your loved one

Taking Time Away with No Guilt

Considering all the different reasons you might need respite, it’s important to remember: Don’t feel guilty about scheduling respite care. 

Your loved one with Alzheimer’s will be in a safe, enriching place. They can make friends, learn new things, take part in fun activities, and get out of the house for a while. 

Respite care is as much a break for your loved one as it is for you! 

Choosing from Different Types of Respite Care

Respite care, by definition, is any care for your loved one that gives you, the caregiver, a break (that is, respite) from your duties.

A sibling, neighbor, or friend could care for your loved one. Or you might hire an in-home caregiver. While these options provide you with an opportunity to take care of yourself, they may not offer your loved one an enriching experience outside the home. 

Respite care within a senior community allows your loved one to meet new people and engage in exciting activities appropriate for their physical health and ability level. 

At Five Star Senior Living, your loved one can enjoy an adult day program or a longer respite stay in our memory care residences. 

What to Look for in Respite Care

When choosing respite care outside the home, consider the following: 

  • hours (if your loved one isn’t staying overnight) 
  • activities offered 
  • availability of healthy meals
  • staff-to-resident ratio
  • availability of emergency on-site medical care, if needed
  • daily rates and additional fees

Respite Care Tailored to Seniors with Alzheimer’s 

If your loved one has Alzheimer’s, they may have specific needs that may not be met in a regular respite setting. 

You’ll want to ensure the community has trained professionals accustomed to working with seniors with Alzheimer’s. It should also offer activities tailored to the ability levels of an adult with memory loss. 

Helping Your Loved One Adjust to Respite Care

Whether you’re planning a respite stay of a few weeks or just a few days, take your loved one on a tour of the community. You may have to tour several senior living communities before finding one that fits your requirements and meets their liking. 

If you’re planning on scheduling respite care for your loved one while you go on a trip, consider a “trial run” first. Your loved one can stay overnight at a community while you are still in town. Finally, when your loved one is comfortable with the accommodations, you can plan your getaway. 

Once you take that first step, you and your loved one may both begin to look forward to Alzheimer’s respite care. 

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