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A Home for the Holidays: Why Moving into a Senior Living Community Now is Smart

A Home for the Holidays: Why Moving into a Senior Living Community Now is Smart

One question we often hear from families during the holiday season is, “Why not wait until the New Year to choose a senior living community for Mom or Dad?” It’s certainly understandable: There’s already plenty to do around the holidays. Why make the change now? Why not wait for the new year to make a fresh start?

But things are different this year. This year the holidays come at the end of what has been for many of us the most brutal year ever, made even more challenging by the isolation we and especially our loved ones have had to endure. And that isolation can be felt so much more during the holidays.

Which is exactly why planning a move-in now for your loved one makes so much sense. We’re not kidding! There are in fact some very good reasons why a move-in now (or preparing for one) is a smart move on your part. Let’s look at three:

Jingle bells—with some new friends in senior living

Signing on to a senior living community now means Mom or Dad can join the holiday festivities with the cheerful, friendly people at your Five Star community of choice. Yes—they can start getting to know their new home and neighbors right away! Think of it as a “Holiday Stay-cation” for them and respite for you. You can prepare for your holidays knowing your loved one is enjoying the season, too—and not staying home alone.

Deck the halls—for less 

Taking financial possession of an apartment now means you move in with our 2020 rates. Even better, that part of the process would be wrapped up and your loved one(s) could ring in the New Year with an exciting new life. (And you will have already accomplished one of your goals!)

Here comes Santa Claus—and he’s you

Knowing the New Year will bring such positive change could make a wonderful holiday gift for Mom or Dad that promises so much to look forward to—games, dancing, singalongs, ice cream socials (socially distanced!), Happy Hours, trivia contests—all the programming that makes life at Five Star Senior Living communities happy as well as safe. Priceless.

Adding a Five Star Senior Living move-in to your gift list is, literally, a smart move. And don’t worry: We can make things happen quickly and easily for you. Just head on over to our senior living community search app to find out if there’s a Five Star community near you. Our elves will help you take care of the rest.

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