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A Gift for Grandpa: Father's Day Gift Guide for Older Men

A Gift for Grandpa: Father's Day Gift Guide for Older Men

Dads are notoriously tricky to buy gifts for. And when they get older, it can become even harder to nail down a good gift idea. As Father’s Day rolls around, don’t fret—there are lots of great ways to celebrate your number one guy. And spoiler alert: not one of them includes a giftwrapped tie!

Father’s Day Gifts for the Older Dads in Your Life

Gifts for the Sports Lover

Your dad or granddad might not be running the bases or taking a jump shot, but they may still enjoy getting outdoors or even catching a game. Here are a few Father’s Day gift ideas for the sports guy in your life:

  • Game Day: Buy tickets to his favorite sporting event. Make sure to get an extra ticket for yourself and tag along with your senior loved one.
  • Sports Magazines: Sign him up for Sports Illustrated or ESPN magazine to get all the updates on his favorite teams and players.
  • Tablet Device and Sports Games: If you really want to splurge, gift your senior family member a new tablet device and help them load a few easy-to-place sports games.

Father’s Day Gifts from the Heart

Keep memories at hands-reach by giving your father or grandfather an easy way to look back on special moments. Gather up old photos, notes, and other trinkets to showcase.

  • Use family photos to create a customized calendar. Include important dates and birthdays in each month.
  • Preload a digital photo frame with his favorite pictures. It will be great piece that he can display in his home or assisted living apartment. And you can easily update the photos after special occasions!
  • Order your senior loved one a subscription to My Grandbox. Every month, he’ll get a box full of his favorite snacks, gifts, and notes from family members sent right to his house.

These are gifts he will love for himself and for showing off to his guests!

Gifts to Make Life Easier

As the senior men in your life grow older, they might need a little extra help completing everyday tasks. A gift that makes life easier will be appreciated.

  • Switch out your loved one’s electronics for senior-friendly versions. For example, a phone that allows you to store photos next to speed dial numbers or an alarm clock with large print numbers.
  • Gift an older loved one with a magnifying glass for reading the newspaper, putting together puzzles or reading letters from you!
  • A gift card for a housekeeping service or a private duty aide that will help him buy groceries, prepare meals or do some spring cleaning is also a good idea to consider.
  • Spend time helping your older loved one set up his computer with programs like Skype or Facebook. These platforms can help him keep in touch with friends and family members who live far away.

Time is the Most Precious Father’s Day Gift

Create a coupon book of ideas that involve spending time with you. No, this does not mean making him a coupon book like the ones you would give when you were twelve and didn’t have any cash. Instead, create vouchers for activities you can do together such as:

  • Enjoy breakfast at his favorite restaurant or diner.
  • Having you act as his personal chef to make dinner a few times a month.
  • A monthly date to go for a walk in the park or enjoy a night out at the movies.
  • Take a day trip to his childhood home or favorite museum. Pack a lunch or make plans to stop at a fun place along the way.

No matter what you decide, your dad or granddad is sure to love it because it came from you!

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