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6 Holiday Gift Ideas for Seniors

6 Holiday Gift Ideas for Seniors

<!–[CDATA[Finding the right holiday gift for a senior loved one who seems to have it all can be a challenge for adult children every year. But families want to make sure the older adults in their life know how much they are appreciated.


It might help to think of gifts in two categories: presents that will help them stay healthy and active, and gifts that are more personal in nature.

Holiday Gift Ideas for Seniors

Here are a few gift ideas for seniors we know the older adults who call Five Star Senior Living “home” enjoy using:

1. Small, digital camera.

Picture taking has never been easier! Small digital cameras allow an older adult to simply point the camera in the right direction and click. Small photo printers make it easy and less expensive to print out their own photos.

2. Nintendo Wii.

While this may seem like a gift you would buy for a teen on your list, Wii systems are popular among older adults too. They give seniors a variety of fitness options from bowling to golf, as well as a fun activity to pursue when the grandkids visit.

3. Tablet device.

Depending upon your budget, a tablet device makes a great gift for a senior. Because they are so easy to use, tablets are a popular device among older adults. A senior can use it to connect with friends and family on Facebook, send and receive email, Skype with loved ones and even download books to read from their local library.

Personal Holiday Gifts for Senior Loved Ones

If you are hoping for a more personal holiday present for an older adult in your life, here are a few suggestions to consider:

1. Family video.

If you have teenagers in the family, this can be an easy but thoughtful gift for your senior loved one. Create a family video that pulls together new and old video. It might be that you incorporate old photos of your parent’s wedding or family vacations. You can also add current holiday greetings from loved ones near and far. It is a gift your older family member can enjoy for years to come.

2. Family calendar.

Another meaningful gift is to create a personal family calendar. Feature a different family member’s photo each month. Label important family events, birthdays and anniversaries. An older loved one will no doubt enjoy receiving such a thoughtful gift that chronicles your family’s history.

3. Coupon book.


Our final suggestion is to create a coupon book that focuses on ways the family can spend time together. For example, one coupon might be for computer lessons with a teenaged grandson and another could be for a spa day for manicures with the girls in the family. Think about what your senior loved one enjoys and create a coupon that combines their hobbies and interests with spending time with family.

Happy Holidays!

We hope these gift ideas for seniors help make your holiday shopping a little easier this year!

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