A Holiday Gift Guide for People With Dementia

Jun 28, 2019
A Holiday Gift Guide for People With Dementia

Are you shopping for a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease this holiday season?

Think beyond a comfy robe and slippers to gifts that may help improve your loved one’s symptoms. Or at least give them an engaging activity to enjoy this holiday season. Eight Holiday Gifts for Adults with Alzheimer’s Disease.

  1. Large Print Clock

    Recommended by several experts, this Memory Loss Digital Calendar Day Clock features the time, day, and date in large type.

    It helps eliminate one of the frustrations for those with Alzheimer’s or dementia: remembering what day it is.

  2. Word Game Books

    Simple word search books, including books tailored for those with Alzheimer’s, can help keep the brain sharp in the early stages of the disease.

  3. Photos of Loved Ones

    You can never go wrong with photos of loved ones in any format. A few ideas might be:

    • digital picture frame pre-loaded with family photos
    • a custom calendar with a different photo of loved ones for each month
    • family photo albums
    • collage picture frames for their wall

    Photos bring a sense of comfort and familiarity to people with Alzheimer’s disease.

  4. Music

    Similarly, music may comfort a person with dementia. Consider buying them a CD player or even an old-fashioned record player. You can help your loved one dig out their old vinyl collection and spend a day listening to the classics together.

    If they don’t have their old albums anymore, you’re in luck. Because the format is making a comeback, they are now sold in many stores and online.

  5. Tangle Fidget Toys

    Older adults in the later stages of dementia and Alzheimer’s often fidget. A lack of activity can cause agitation.

    A number of “tangle fidget” toys give adults with dementia something to do with their hands. Look for one with various textures and bright colors for added stimulation.

    Be aware: if your loved one puts objects in his or her mouth, choose a toy that has large pieces and doesn’t separate.

  6. A Fidget Blanket

    This idea combines two great gifts for seniors with dementia into one. A fidget blanket or fidget quilt has adornments of various shapes and textures. It provides tactile stimulation while giving your loved one something to fidget with.

    You can find a number of fidget blankets and quilts for sale online, including custom-made quilts on Etsy.

    You can also make your own. Create a custom fidget blanket by attaching sensory elements to a fleece blanket. Use ribbons, pillows, stuffed animals, and even feathers.

  7. Tools for Knitting or Crocheting

    If your loved one used to knit or crochet she may still be able to engage in this hobby with the right tools. Purchase large gauge knitting needles or crochet hooks and a collection of brightly colored, textured yarn for them to use.

    The patterns may not be perfect, but your loved one will enjoy the experience. And don’t forget a pretty bag to hold their supplies and works-in-progress!

  8. Simple Board Games

    Simple games can be great for people with Alzheimer’s to enjoy with family members or with friends.

    Look for games specifically designed for people with Alzheimer’s or turn to childhood favorites, such as matching games with brightly colored pictures.

Spending the Holidays with Your Loved One

Long after gifts are forgotten, you will remember the time you spent with your aging loved one. So don’t stress about the presents.

Choose a few from this list and place them in a pretty gift bag for your senior loved one to open. Then focus on being in the moment as you spend the holidays with your aging loved one and other family members of all ages.

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