Respite Care Options for a Senior Loved One

If you are a caregiver making plans for a Spring or Summer getaway, you may be concerned about leaving an aging parent behind. It’s one of the reasons family caregivers put off taking a vacation with their own children.

If they do manage to plan a trip away from home, many caregivers spend a considerable amount of time worrying about what is happening with their older loved one during their absence.

A short-term respite stay in an assisted living community can offer seniors and their families a safe solution.

What is Respite Care?

Respite care services allow caregivers much needed time to rest and relax. Health professionals often suggest caregivers look at respite as a necessary service for managing both their stress and their own personal health.

It can be something as simple as arranging for a friend to stay with your family member for a few hours while you run errands. Some churches also have Friendly Visitor programs. Volunteers from the church visit with older adults who have difficulty getting out in to the community or who aren’t safe staying home alone.

Many assisted living communities have furnished Respite suites. Older adults who stay there enjoy the same services and amenities as a permanent resident including meals, personal care assistance and life enrichment activities. Communities often encourage seniors who come for a short-term stay to bring family photos and personal items to make the suite feel more like home.

Respite Care as an Assisted Living Trial

Respite care also gives an older adult the opportunity to “test drive” an assisted living community for a potential move. This can be especially beneficial for seniors who need to transition from their home for safety reasons, but are fearful of making this change.

A family vacation gives the caregiver the perfect excuse for utilizing respite. Because the senior family member knows the visit is only short-term, they may relax and enjoy their stay.

Paying for Respite Care for a Senior

Payment for respite care services usually comes from a family’s private funds. Local and county funding sources sometimes have funding to help finance respite. Call your local agency on aging to see if your older loved one qualifies.

Finding a Respite Care Program

With over two hundred and seventy senior living communities across the country, Five Star Senior Living likely has a respite care program near you. Please call to arrange a time for a private tour. You can even stay for lunch!