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Resident Lifestyle in New Bern, NC

Resident Lifestyle
Nice to Meet You

As much as we appreciate the elegant furnishings, dining options, and many amenities at Five Star, what we love the most is the people who make up our communities. They inspire us, keep each other engaged and thriving, and truly become a close-knit group of friends. We look forward to seeing them every day, and think you will, too. Here’s just a small glimpse of the many wonderful people who call Five Star home.

Resident Lifestyle
Resident Stories

Everyone has a fascinating story to tell. Come and meet some of our residents and hear about their lives, as well as what motivated them to move to Five Star and the activities they embrace the most.

Resident Lifestyle
Day in the Life

Every day in our communities is different, thanks to such a wide array of activities. Take a look at what a day is like from the perspective of our residents, giving you insight into what happens when you call Five Star home.

Resident Lifestyle

When it comes to embracing Five Star and all it has to offer, don’t just take our word for it. Our residents love to share what’s special about their communities. Come and find out.

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