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4 days ago

About a year ago I moved my mother and father into the assisted living building of The Riviera. They came from a very fancy independent apartment but it came time for my dad to have more care. The Riviera has become my 2nd home and I am welcomed with loving arms. I even go in and play mini concerts for the elderly on their beautiful grand piano. The main gathering and reception area are full of beautiful antique furniture and florals to make anyone who loves a warm, inviting environment feel right at home. There are two outstanding things about the assisted living that we couldn't do without. First, it's the staff. Those CNA's hug and love those who are receptive to them. My daddy loves attention and they hug and kiss him on the cheek and when they see him they welcome him with the biggeswt hug.."Hey, Mr. Charlie!". They have to do some unpleasant duties as most other CNA's do but they all tell me when they see me, "We just all love your dad". Of course, my mom just eats that up because she wants to see my dad happy. The second thing is....Riviera has the best chef. Her name is Diane. She comes out at mealtime to check on everyone. Just delicious. actually, my husband and I had Thanksgiving there. yum. Well, needless to say, we're all fans.


1 week ago

Special thanks to Christine McGrath for making my transition so pleasant and affordable. She has been in touch with me throughout the process. She is a highly motivated professional, who is a credit to this beautiful community!!

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