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At Park Summit in Coral Springs, FL, we love to showcase reviews and feedback, because you have the chance to hear from residents in their own words. Everyone’s experience is unique, but there’s so much we share, and so much that connects us. Here are just a few thoughts from our community:



5 months ago

My experience here has been very good, and so far I have no complaints. I like that I don't have to cook. The food is pretty darn tasty for a place like this. I was expecting cafeteria food, and this is a step above. I'm liking the other residents and am looking forward to socializing more going forward. I think it's an excellent value here.



7 months ago

Hello-- The Park Summit was a place we passed WHILE DRIVING on Royal Palm Blvd in Coral Sps..long before retirement-In reflecting our thoughts[ WE EXPECTED IT TO BE STATELY AND STAID- As we neared retirement we contacted Mrs.Linda Gilgrist for a luncheon tour she showed us the property in a orderly and FRIENDLY manner.......
As OLD School as we thought it was by looking at the ammenities
once again proving "YOU CAN'T JUDGE A BOOK " BY ITS COVER"More than the pleasantries of relaxed desisn it delivers relaxed living ..We have been here 6 years now(movedi here in fall2014) it has been a plieasure ,all the way and as our planned last home on this earth,its comforts are peaceful,and activities profuse,if you care to partake....



1 year ago

I cannot be more pleased with all that is being done with the safety and well being for the community during this pandemic crisis. My sister is in assisted living and the communication, treatment and response has been nothing beyond outstanding. I am so blessed she is in this community. Thank you to all the staff for all you are doing!



1 year ago

> I’m so happy my Mom decided to reside with you. Whereas she is a very young 89 y/o, he’s and her co-residents appreciate the safety protocol issues and mental health attention you are providing.
> Sincerely,
> Dr. Jeff Gold



1 year ago

Everyone is aware of the rewards we get when moving into ParkSummit. No more meal planning or shopping. No more cleaning the house. I could go on and on but there are rewards that are not listed in ant brochure. And that’s my reason for writing. Allow me to share: Last week I was taking a shower and I slipped and went down on my knees. After multiple attempts, I realized I needed help. I do have a “help I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” button but of course I wasn’t wearing it. So here I am trying and trying to get up without success. As much as I didn’t want to I finally pulled the red cord right near the shower, the one we all have in our bathrooms. Not even a minute later, my phone rang and of course I couldn’t answer. Maybe 3-4 minutes later my doorbell rang. I hollered “Help” and in walks Kelly. She did try but since I couldn’t straighten my legs. Then in walked Steve Rule, the executive director. Somehow he got behind me, got his arms under my arms and helped me up. 911 did arrive a few minutes later. I truly feel that what Steve did was above and beyond. How can I ever thank him enough. Which is why I am writing this letter. This was a fringe benefit not included in any brochure. Thank you Steve. Thank you x 1000. I do want everyone to know how giving you are and how you helped me above and beyond.



1 year ago

Park Summit has fantastic communication with families . Provides excellent care for residents. My parents are in independent living and during this horrible global pandemic social distancing is enforced for all residents safety only aides/essential staff are allowed - no family. Today my parents came outside and my brother and I could see them not touch but to see them it was great!!! The grounds are lovely. Our parents always want their big homes and struggle with the transition - but they are very safe and have their independence . We are very happy !!!




1 year ago

My in-laws lived there. My father passed away and mom is in the nursing unit and I just wanted to express how happy we’ve been with the care they received. The staff is wonderful, specifically Audrey and Peggy. It is a great place to be. You could tell the staff really cares about their residents. We are so overwhelmed with happiness that this is the place we chose for our parents.

Barbie Ellen


1 year ago

I recently completed a short-term resident stay at Park Summit Rehab, recovering from major back surgery on February 5th, 2019. I was very pleased with the care I received, which started with a Private Room right across from the Physical Therapy Office. This is where I spent most of my time, as well as walking up and down the halls, doing my exercises. The place is run extremely well, the food selection is excellent, and the Activity Director is Amazing. The Administration seems to genuinely care about its Residents, so I highly recommend checking in with the Administration from time to time, especially if you are experiencing any challenges with any staff members. I would definitely give this place a FIVE STAR PLUS review. Thank you for a positive experience! :)



1 year ago

My husband Marvin was a patient. Everything was perfect. We were very pleased with everything the minute he got there. Everyone was incredibly professional. He went there feeling not very good at all and he came out much stronger.



1 year ago

I really enjoyed my stay, the staff was really friendly, the food was excellent and the therapy was wonderful. I was really happy there.

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