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Where’s Home? How Senior Living Activities and Amenities Help Residents Thrive

Where’s Home? How Senior Living Activities and Amenities Help Residents Thrive

In a 2013 TED talk titled “Where is home?,” writer Pico Iyer told his audience that in an increasingly mobile society, home has less to do with a piece of soil than with a piece of soul. “Home is not just the place where you happen to be born,” said Iyer, who is Indian by descent, British-born, and lives in America and Japan. “It’s the place where you become yourself.”

At Five Star Senior Living, we couldn’t agree more. The 23,000 residents who call our 262 senior living communities “home” come from everywhere and from all walks of life. We know that each resident is an individual who may miss the place where they grew up, the home in which they spent much of their adult lives, or the community they left just prior to moving to a Five Star neighborhood. We understand that although many families choose Five Star when the need for senior living arises, some families don’t get to choose the timing. But no matter what brought them to Five Star, we see our communities as ideal places for people to continue to grow, to continue to become themselves. In other words, we welcome them home.

We’ve all heard the saying, “Home is where the heart is.” At Five Star, we take that one step further and say home is where the heart can grow. Our residents are in the prime of their later lives. That’s why we take many steps to make our communities centers of living where people thrive.

Every Five Star neighborhood offers some or all of the following senior living activities and amenities to make any time “prime” time: 

  • Book groups
  • Fine dining … each Five Star community has its own signature dishes—and we share the recipes!
  • Themed rolling-cart Happy Hours … we bring the bar to you!
  • Regular physical activity, including water aerobics
  • Bingo and other games (including prizes)
  • Dancing
  • Ice cream socials (now socially distanced, but still social!)
  • Singalongs
  • Trivia contests

The list goes on, mainly because we customize our programs to our neighborhoods and even at the individual level. We’re committed to helping every Five Star resident continue to become who they’ve always wanted to be. That’s what home is for. And that’s what we strive for.

Looking for a senior living community that feels like home? Use our senior living community finder app to find out if there’s a Five Star community near your preferred location(s). We’d love to hear from you!

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