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What to Consider Before Moving Near an Adult Child

What to Consider Before Moving Near an Adult Child

If you are a retiree beginning the search for a senior living community, you are no doubt wondering where to look. It’s one of the first decisions you’ll need to make. Do you want to stay near your current home or move closer to family?

As more adult children move away to pursue career opportunities, families are often separated by many miles. Deciding whether to move near an adult child’s home or find a senior living community near you can be tough.

Even after you’ve explored communities in both locations, the answer might not be clear. If you are struggling, here are a few factors to consider.

Where to Search for Senior Living

If you take the following factors into consideration, you’ll likely arrive at an informed decision:

  1. Is there a chance your adult child will have to move again?

If your adult child moved to a new city or state for their career, is there a chance they’ll have to relocate again? If their job requires them to move every few years, you could find yourself alone in a new place without family nearby. This is important to consider as you make this decision.

  1. Which location will offer the best quality of life?

Many retirees want to spend more time with family as they grow older. But relocating and starting over might be tough. This is especially true if you’ve lived in your current neighborhood for decades. While your adult child and their family might also want to see you more, is their life hectic already? Will their schedule permit you to be together as much as you envision?

If you currently have a wide circle of friends and an active social life, it may make more sense to find a senior living community close to your current home.

By contrast, if you don’t have close friends nearby, relocating near family may be a better choice. In the event of an emergency, you will have someone you can count on nearby.

  1. Does one location offer better access to health care?

It’s an unfortunate reality that older adults require more health care services than younger adults. Having quick access to hospitals, physicians, outpatient clinics, and specialists will make it easier to get care.

Before you decide, research health care providers in every area you are considering. That will give you peace of mind about the future.

  1. How well do you adapt to change?

Moving to a senior living community can be a big transition. If you add the adjustments of moving to a new city, it can be a lot at once. While some people are always excited for new adventures, not everyone enjoys big changes.

If you struggle with change, you might find it very difficult to relocate far from your current home. A nearby senior living community may make the next chapter in life go more smoothly.

Visiting Senior Living Communities

One of the most important factors in making an informed decision about senior living is a personal visit to tour and ask questions. Be sure to ask questions that will provide the insight you need about each community. Make a list before you begin your tours. “What Questions Should You Ask on a Senior Living Tour?” will help you get started.

We invite you to call (853) 457-8271 to schedule a tour of a nearby Five Star Senior Living community. With over 270 communities in 30 states, you are sure to find a campus near you!

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