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Short Term Senior Care Benefits for Seniors & Caregivers

Short Term Senior Care Benefits for Seniors & Caregivers

Being a caregiver for a spouse or family member is a full-time job that can be fulfilling and rewarding, while at the same time be physically and emotionally difficult. Caregivers often balance their support for a loved one with personal commitments and career obligations. In these scenarios, short term care can be a valuable solution to provide respite and support for both seniors and loved ones.

Whether it’s a few days, weeks, or months, short term senior care lets everyone recharge and feel refreshed and renewed. For caregivers, short term care can offer time for self-care or a chance to catch up with other important people in their lives, or simply to take a break and avoid caregiver burnout. This can benefit seniors too by giving them a supportive environment that is tailored to their unique needs.

Why might someone choose short term senior care?

Recovery from an illness or injury

Short term senior care is one of the best ways for seniors to recover from a surgery or to recover from an illness. The professional supervision, easy access to physical and occupational therapies, and emotional support provide a smooth transition from a hospital to home. Five Star’s rehab and fitness partner Ageility offers classes and personalized plans inside Five Star communities so short term guests can recover and enjoy the community and comfort of senior living.

Try out a senior living community

Why not try before you buy? Seniors who try short term care can get experience firsthand with senior living services, amenities, and activities. Additionally, seniors get the opportunity to meet community team members and residents to see if the community meets their needs and preferences. Communities like Five Star offer holistic programs like Lifestyle 360 that design activities around social, intellectual, physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness.

Respite for caregivers

Caregivers receive a range of benefits from short term senior care like reduced stress, time for personal commitments, and support from professionals. The breaks that caregivers receive from short term care allow for self-care which, in turn, improves their overall wellbeing and capacity to provide long term care for their loved one.

Peace of mind

When an older adult stays in short term senior care, their caregiver can have peace of mind that their loved one will receive the best care and support from a community’s talented team members.

Seasonal stays

By scheduling a seasonal short term stay caregivers can have the flexibility to travel if needed. Seniors also benefit by getting to experience specialized activities and to explore new environments, climates, and cultures—all while getting personalized healthcare monitoring, medication management, and much more.

What types of short term senior care are available?

Respite care

Respite offers temporary relief to caregivers and provides support for seniors. It can range from days to weeks to allow caregivers to take a break while their loved one receives the care they need.

Short term independent living

This is a great option for seniors who want to take a vacation or have a home-like environment to recover from an injury or illness. Independent living features customized activities, nutritious dining, chances to socialize with other seniors, and much more all wrapped up in one stay. These stays typically last a few days or a week.

Short term assisted living

These short term assisted living stays are for seniors who may need assistance with some activities of daily living, but still live independently. These activities of daily living can range from medication management to personal care. These stays are also for a few days to a week.

Home health care

Seniors can also enjoy short term care right at home. Home health care provides skilled professionals with medical care, medication management, and therapies on a temporary basis. Services like Windsong Home Health Services can bring the best in nursing care right to your door.

Learn More About Short Term Senior Care Options at Five Star Today

Short term senior care is a valuable resource for both seniors and caregivers by offering respite, support, and personalized services for the wellbeing of everyone.

With Five Star’s short term and respite, guests can enjoy the same engaging activities, personalized care, and fellowship as full time residents. Explore our communities so you can enjoy a happier and healthier caregiving journey. You deserve it and your loved one deserves the best care possible.

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