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Consider Respite Care as a Senior Living Trial

Consider Respite Care as a Senior Living Trial

<!–[CDATA[There are two definitions for the word respite. One is a noun: a short period of rest or relief from something difficult or unpleasant. And the other is a verb: postpone.

Indiana seniors may think of respite care only as spending a short period of time in a senior living community. And while it might seem like postponing something unpleasant to think about, spending time in respite care can actually be a great way to get a feel for senior living and change the way you think about it.

A Short Period of Rest

These days, many older adults in Indiana and across the country prefer to stay in their own homes as they age. This often means that their adult children are responsible for helping them stay healthy and providing care if they need it. This assistance commonly includes making sure they are taking medications as prescribed.

When adult children serve as caregivers for their loved ones, it can create a great deal of stress. They are likely juggling their caregiving responsibilities with family, work and home. It’s not unusual for caregivers to need short rest period, whether it’s to enjoy some “me time” or to take a vacation. Respite care services are perfect for both types of situations.

Enjoying a respite stay at a Five Star Senior Living community in Indiana means that seniors will be in a warm, home-like environment with the added benefit of personal care services should they need it.

Postponing or Testing Out?

Taking advantage of respite care services, however, also has the added benefit of serving as a test run for moving into a senior living community. It’s a great way to get a true feel for the community and residents without having to make a big commitment right away.

Short term stay residents enjoy:

  • Community Activities. While activities vary from community to community, common examples include fitness and exercise classes, movie nights and a card or game room.
  • Exceptional Dining. A well-balanced, dining program is another benefit. For example, Five Star Senior Living prides itself on being a leader in senior dining experiences. Every recipe we serve is tailored to regional food sources to ensure the use of the highest quality and freshest ingredients.
  • Housekeeping Services. Respite care residents also benefit from help with housekeeping and laundry services. Your senior loved one can take advantage of these programs so they have more time participate in community activities!
  • Local Transportation. Transportation services are another advantage. If a resident no longer drives or only drives short distances, they’ll still have access to a ride.

All the Fun without the Commitment

If you or an aging loved one aren’t sure a permanent move is right for you, a trial stay might just be the answer. Respite care will allow you to try out all of the advantages of an assisted living community without the commitment of making a potentially life changing decision. You really can’t lose!

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