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Planning a Summer Vacation with a Grandchild

Planning a Summer Vacation with a Grandchild

If you’re considering taking a summer vacation with the grandkids this year, you aren’t alone. Intergenerational trips are becoming increasingly popular. A road trip provides opportunities to bond and make lasting memories. The key is to plan and prepare well in advance.

4 Tips for a Successful Road Trip with the Grandkids

  1. Choose a destination that appeals to everyone.

Keeping your budget in mind, talk with the grandkids about a few destinations. Ask them for suggestions too. If you haven’t done this before, consider taking a short trip close to the grandchildren’s home.

  1. Consider your mode of transportation.

While air travel might be faster, a road trip can be more fun. The key is moderating how long you stay cooped up in the car. Make the drive pleasant with car games and fun breaks along the way. Dinosaur parks, petting zoos, and other unique attractions can be entertaining for kids of all ages.

  1. Reserve rooms in family-friendly hotels.

Not every hotel is geared towards children. Even well-behaved kids can be noisy and busy. The last thing you want to worry about is keeping the kids quiet. Depending on the destination, this list from Trivago magazine may help you find a kid-friendly hotel.

  1. Balance healthy food choices with fun ones.

While the grandkids might try their best to convince you a diet of milkshakes, burgers, and fries is healthy, we all know it’s not. Foods high in sugar, trans fat, and sodium aren’t good for anyone, but saying no repeatedly isn’t fun. Try to balance healthy choices with special requests from the grandkids.

Staycations with a Grandparent

If a road trip with the grandchildren isn’t feasible, consider a staycation instead. Even if you live in an assisted living community, you can still have fun with the grandkids this summer. “Visiting Assisted Living: 7 Fun Activities for the Grandkids” may give you some ideas.

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