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Planning a Mother’s Day Celebration in a Parent’s Assisted Living Community

Planning a Mother’s Day Celebration in a Parent’s Assisted Living Community

<!–[CDATA[Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 14th. In honor of the event, sons and daughters around the country will be treating their mothers to brunch, bringing them flowers, and generally doing whatever they can to make the day as special as possible.

But what if your mother lives in an assisted living community and your celebration with her is limited to whatever plans you can come up with to host a gathering there?

No problem! Here’s a fun idea for celebrating the woman who raised you, made you feel better when you were down, and inspired you to become a better person.

Celebrating Mother’s Day

First and foremost, you’ll want to include the right people in your planning. Since your event will be held at your mother’s assisted living community, be sure to talk with the staff in advance. Especially if you need to reserve a little extra space somewhere in the building. Staff can help you with those arrangements. In many senior living communities, they will even help with catering.

Try Hosting a Garden Tea Party

When cakes and tea are served in a pretty setting, something magical happens and a celebration comes alive. If the community where your mother lives has a garden or nice patio, it can be the perfect spot for a lovely afternoon tea celebration of Mother’s Day.

To transform a garden or patio space – or even an interior activities room- you’ll need a few props to set the scene:

  • a table set with a pretty tablecloth (pastel colors are the good for spring celebrations)
  • fancy cloth napkins in similar pastel shades – they don’t have to match
  • vintage china teacups and saucers – again, matching sets not required
  • a cake stand or two for added height at your table of treats
  • buckets of flowers

That last one is key, especially if you’re holding your party indoors. The idea is to create a garden setting so gather as many flowers as you can. Containers can be anything from galvanized buckets for a touch of country charm, or vintage milk pitchers in bright colors. And you guessed it: pastels are best.

Serve ‘Ladylike’ Food

This is not the time to bring out the wings and pizza. This is a ladylike celebration so light finger food is in order. Don’t be afraid to tap into the classics here: cucumber and mayo on crustless white bread, quiche, and fruit tarts all make wonderful Mother’s Day food.

Unless your senior loved one is on a restricted diet, sweets are an essential menu item, too. Cakes, pies, cookies – indulge every guest with sugary treats, preferably adorned in Spring’s pastel hues.

When your guests gather for your Mother’s Day celebration, it officially becomes a party! There are plenty of games you could play together, but all you really need is a beautiful setup and plenty of light food and desserts.

Celebrating Moms at Five Star Senior Living

Wondering how else you can help a senior you love thrive during retirement years? At Five Star Senior Living, we honor and celebrate mothers every day. Call the community nearest you to learn more!

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