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How to Prepare a Senior's Home for a Quick and Profitable Sale

How to Prepare a Senior's Home for a Quick and Profitable Sale

<!–[CDATA[If a senior loved one will be moving to an assisted living community in the near future, preparing their home for a profitable sale is a priority. Because the house is often a person’s greatest asset, many seniors need the income from the sale of their home to finance assisted living.


Readying the home so it is as attractive as possible will ensure that your family member receives the best offer. Here are a few tips for doing so.

5 Tips for Preparing to Sell a Senior’s Home

1. Clear out the clutter

If your senior loved one has lived in their home for a long time, as most older adults do, they likely have more furniture and personal belongings than they can fit in their assisted living apartment. Clearing out the clutter and downsizing the home can make it appear larger and in better condition to potential buyers.

Start by setting up boxes and labeling them according to where the contents should go. Labels like “Donate” and “Storage” can make the process easier and faster. It might help to start in unused rooms, such as the attic and basement. Work your way into the most frequently used rooms and closets of the house.

2. Make repairs before listing the house

Many homeowners overlook or neglect fixing small problems around the house. A leaky faucet, a doorframe that needs painted, or a broken door knob can leave buyers wondering what other repairs have been neglected. Take time to create a list of needed repairs and arrange for help to complete them before listing the house. You’ll likely receive higher offers if you do.

3. Pump up the curb appeal

Potential buyers often drive by a home before deciding to make an appointment to see it or not. That’s why realtors say first impressions are crucial to selling a home for a good price.

Before listing the home, make sure shrubs are trimmed and weeds are pulled in the front yard. Plant a few pots of colorful flowers for the entry if you are selling during warm months. A freshly painted front door with an attractive wreath can also add to the curb appeal.

4. Clean and freshen the interior

It’s very important to freshen the home’s interior. Clean the windows and drapes so the sun can shine in. Natural light is high on most potential buyers’ priority list.

Go room by room to clean woodwork, cabinets, closet doors, and floors. Also have rugs and bedding cleaned. If the paint on the walls looks dated or the walls are beat up, repainting the room in a neutral color can give the house new life.

5. Light and bright matters

Most buyers pay attention to how bright a home appears. A lack of natural lighting can be overcome with strategically placed floor lights, overhead lighting, and lamps. Any time the realtor will be showing the home, make sure the curtains and blinds are open and the lights are all on.

As you are working with your senior loved one to plan their move to an assisted living community, you’ll likely encounter questions. We created “Frequently Asked Questions about Moving to Assisted Living” to help families find answers to the most commonly asked questions.

If you don’t find the answer you need, however, please call us at (853) 457-8271. We’ll be happy to help!

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