How to Choose a Short Term Rehab Center after Surgery

resident and physical therapist doing balance exercise
If a senior you love is hospitalized for an injury, illness or planned surgery, their physician might be recommending they continue their recovery at a skilled nursing and rehab center. While most people are eager to get home from the hospital, taking advantage of Medicare’s Skilled Nursing and Rehab benefit can help improve their overall outcome and prevent a return trip to the hospital.

How do you go about choosing the right rehab center?

We have a few tips you might find helpful.

6 Tips for Choosing a Rehab Center for a Loved One

Here are a few questions to ask and factors to consider when you are exploring short-term rehab centers for your senior loved one’s recovery:

  1. Success rate: Rehab centers have varying levels of experience. Make sure you ask questions to determine how successful each provider you are considering is. What percentage of patients return home to live independently after they are discharged from the rehab center? And, equally important, ask how many patients end up back in the hospital. 
  2. Medicare rating: How does Medicare rate the rehab center? You can use Nursing Home Compare to review detailed survey results for every Medicare-certified rehab center in the country. 
  3. Staff ratio: Another important criterion when you are making this decision is the patient to staff ratio. Make sure you ask each community about theirs. Having an adequate amount of caregivers is key to providing quality care and for a successful patient recovery.
  4. Reputation: Ask your circle of friends who has been through this with a loved one what advice they have to offer. It can help you gain objective insight in to any community you are considering. 
  5. Privacy: For many seniors, privacy during their recovery is important. Not all communities offer private rooms. If this is important to your senior loved one, make sure to ask about room arrangements when you call or visit.
  6. Location: While location shouldn’t be the highest priority, it is a consideration. Having visitors to help the senior keep their spirits up can help promote healing. Think about who will be visiting the senior most often and how easy it is for them to get there.

One final tip is to take a few minutes to review the Guide to Medicare Skilled Nursing and Rehab Benefit. This helpful resource will clarify what the Medicare benefit will---and won’t--- pay for, as well as explain the ins and outs of the rehab benefit.

Respite Care at Five Star Senior Living

Sometimes an older adult doesn’t meet the criteria for admission to a rehab center or they are resistant to going, but they might not be safe enough to stay at home alone. For these seniors, a short-term stay at an assisted living community might be the ideal solution. 

Five Star Senior Living offers short-term respite that can provide an older adult with the opportunity to get a little stronger in a safe, supportive environment. 


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