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Give the Gift of Respite Care For the Holidays

Give the Gift of Respite Care For the Holidays

<!–[CDATA[Caring for a loved one is hard work, and it usually comes at the expense of your own health and well-being. As you spend more time with your aging loved one, it leaves less time for you. This often leaves caregivers feeling tired, stressed and overwhelmed.
These challenging feelings can be especially amplified around the holidays.
So what could be a better gift for a caregiver to receive during the holidays than the gift of time?
The Benefits of Respite Care
Respite care at one of our Five Star Senior Living communities in Indiana provides seniors with temporary care so family caregivers like you can take a well-deserved time out.  Aside from allowing you to finally take a break and focus on yourself, respite care offers a wide variety of benefits to both seniors and their caregivers:

  • Peace of mind. Whether you need to take a break from your role as a family caregiver to relax, recharge and avoid caregiver burnout or you are going away on a vacation, respite care is an excellent way to provide you with peace of mind. Knowing that your loved one is being cared for in a professional and caring environment will allow you to fully enjoy your time off.
  • Reliable, quality care. All of our Five Star Senior Living communities are staffed with professionals who provide friendly care and support. There are a variety of services available depending on your loved one’s needs. This ensures they will receive the quality care you are looking for.
  • Full amenities. Even though respite care is for short stays, seniors who come to Five Star Senior Living communities in Indiana for respite care have access to all the great amenities that are offered to full-time residents. These services include: community activities, the Signature Dining program, housekeeping services and local transportation.
  • A great trial run for senior living. Respite care also gives seniors the opportunity to test out what it would be like to live in a senior community without having to make a long-term commitment.

Allowing Yourself a Break
Caregiver burnout is a common problem around the holidays. While you might be determined to wear many different hats without asking for help, having a back-up plan in place can help to reduce anxiety and stress.
Caregiver guilt is also a common problem, especially when it comes to thinking about respite care. AARP explored the rollercoaster of caregiver emotions by speaking with experts, including Alexis Abramson, a gerontologist and author of The Caregiver’s Survival Handbook. Abramson told AARP that “caregivers must remember is that this is a situation over which you have limited control and shouldn’t feel guilty about, however, you are in control of how you react to it.”
Allowing yourself a break does not speak poorly of your character. You can still remain a loving and dedicated child to your aging parent while also caring for yourself. Taking advantage of respite care when you need to recharge can actually end up making you a better, more patient caregiver afterwards.
Find Respite Care Near You
To inquire about giving yourself, or someone else, the gift of respite care this holiday season, call the Indiana Five Star community near you

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