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Fire Safety Tips for Seniors during the Holiday Season

Fire Safety Tips for Seniors during the Holiday Season

The holidays are one of the best seasons of the year for most people. It’s a time for families to share in all the joy, love, and gratitude that such a happy season can bring. But it should also be as safe and worry-free as possible, especially when it comes to our senior loved ones.

Seniors are more at risk for house fires than any other age group.

This is especially true during the holiday season, so it’s important that everyone takes extra precautions regarding fire safety for seniors at this time of year.

The Top 5 Concerns for Senior Fire Safety

Here’s what to watch for as the holidays approach.

1. Decorations

Avoid any decorations that are made of flammable materials, including tissue paper, tinsel, and cotton. Stick with flame-resistant decorations and you’ll reduce the risk of fire significantly.

One of the main concerns for any household is the Christmas tree. If your senior loved one would like to put up a tree, use an artificial one. They’re much less likely to catch fire than live trees and can be just as beautiful.

2. Access and Walkways

Blocked pathways in the home are another concern. In case there is a fire, there should be several wide, obstacle-free escape paths out of the house. That means not blocking them with presents, decorative arrangements, or relocated furniture.

3. Cooking

Many seniors like to cook for their families during the holidays. It’s a wonderful tradition, but cooking is also the number one cause of house fires this time of year. Food that’s being cooked should never be left unattended. And having a fire extinguisher in the kitchen—-just in case— is a must.

4. Electrical Safety

Electrical issues are another fire hazard to consider. If you hang holiday lights or use illuminated decorations, you’re bound to have extra cords running throughout the house.

First, make sure that all of these decorations are in good working condition. This means high-quality lights and no frayed wires or broken bulbs. You should also make sure the extra yardage on cords is stowed safely. Keep cords out of walkways and, finally, make sure not to overload the outlets with too many extension cords.

5. Planning

Last but not least, always have an escape plan in place in case there’s a fire. Create an exit strategy that everyone in the family is able to navigate easily. Take extra care to ensure that it’s doable by your senior loved one, especially if they have any mobility concerns.

Practice your escape plan several times a year.

Five Star Senior Living, Fire Safety, and You

We know how much you love the seniors in your life and how dedicated you are to their safety. That’s why we’ve presented these tips—so you can rest easy during your holiday festivities and focus on what really matters.

As you prepare for this holiday season, please remember Five Star Senior Living, is behind you all the way. If it’s time to consider moving a loved one into a senior living community, contact us to learn more about our independent living, assisted living, and memory care communities.

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