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4 months ago

My husband was in the memory unit for 9-10 months. He received outstanding service from the caregivers all day and all night. I would highly recommend the memory unit to whomever would need this help. Hospice did take over they also did an outstanding job caring for my husband. They prepared meals the patients asked for.


5 months ago

Earline very much enjoyed her stay and advised me that all personnel were very friendly and helpful. In addition, prior to the stay, Bethany was very helpful going over all of the details and working with us. Thanks, Bob Thrush


6 months ago

I was a short term resident at this community. I am very pleased with the friendliness of the staff. The food was exceptional for all meals. There were a variety of activities to break up the day and usually a snack that went with them. The residents were all nicely dressed and most very friendly. Housekeeping was practiced daily keeping bathrooms, halls, and rooms clean. The rooms and public places are neatly decorated giving a welcoming feeling.


7 months ago

Last night we had a reunion with Merl Parker and friends at the Gardens for dinner. Jose made sure that we were well taken care of throughout the evening along with the rest of his staff. Thank you for making our experience a joy along with a delicious meal!


11 months ago

My mother moved into the Gardens of Sun City in February 2016. She loves it and the staff is always so helpful and cheerful. The flowers are always so cheerful and beautiful, the grounds are neat and attractive. The rooms are clean, my mother always says "why didn't you bring me here sooner!"


1 year ago

Your facility was responsible for the care of a dear friend named Sara Justine Black. There are three things we want to compliment you on that were far superior to any other facility that we experienced. First, the facility itself always smelled, and looked, very clean. Second, everyone on the staff had the ability to make us feel that we were the only people utilizing your service. No one every rushed answers or brushed us off. That is very rare to find, especially in a state that allows so many patients per medical care provider. Third, the staff did a wonderful job of explaining the process of death in terms that any audience could easily understand. Overall, your facility should be used as a benchmark for other facilities to see just how important the final stages of life need to be cared for. Sara Justine Black passed on a few weeks ago. It is a tremendous relief to know that she received the best possible care in the final stages of her life. We would like to offer a special "thank you" to Marina Chacon. She always greeted us with smile, said goodbye to us with a smile, and made Sara Justine Black, and us, feel important and welcomed. We appreciate the level of service you provided.

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