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The Virtual Caregiver

The Virtual Caregiver

<!–[CDATA[We know families in the Hoosier state are often separated by many miles. As a parent grows older or begins to experience health concerns, caregiving across the miles can become challenging. Being able to see a senior loved one’s face and hear their voice can sometimes reassure an adult child that they are doing well. It can also help spot potential problems, such as a flushed face that might indicate a fever and infection.
The good news is that when you can’t be there in person, there are different types of technology that make it feel as if you are.
Technology and the Virtual Caregiver
Here are a few virtual caregiver systems to explore:

  • Grand Care: This versatile technology platform allows families to set up a comprehensive remote monitoring system in a senior loved one’s home. It can send alerts to family caregivers if something out of the ordinary occurs. Another nice feature of this system is remote video chat. You can talk “face-to-face” with your aging Indiana family member with this easy-to-use video platform.
  • Claris Companion: A tablet with a large screen and oversized on-screen buttons, this device is another one that allows family caregivers to easily stay connected to a senior loved one. The features include video chat, text messaging, email, medication reminders, appointment reminders and more.
  • Skype: This video chat platform can be another option for families to consider. It is easy to set up and free to use, especially if the senior has a tablet device. Adult children can use it to check in on a senior loved one as many times a day as they need to.

Many in-home care providers now use tele-monitoring services to monitor patients’ chronic health conditions including congestive heart failure and diabetes. These remote systems typically work in conjunction with a tablet device that is left in the senior’s home. Your loved one’s primary care physician can be a good resource for learning more.
Short-Term Senior Living Stays
If you have to be away on a business trip or if your family will be taking a vacation over the holidays, respite care can provide you with a safe solution for an Indiana senior who lives alone. We invite you to call the Five Star Senior Living community nearest you to learn more.

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