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Mother's Day Gift Guide for Seniors

Mother's Day Gift Guide for Seniors

Choosing the right gift for an older mother or grandmother on Mother’s Day may seem a bit challenging. This is especially true if they live in a senior living community where space may be tight. To help you find a gift your senior loved one will truly enjoy, we’ve pulled together a few suggestions. We hope this Mother’s Day Gift Guide will give you some ideas!

Gifts from the Heart

Most older adults cherish time spent with family and friends. The best gift this Mother’s Day might be ones that honor that sentiment.

  • Create a digital scrapbook or video of favorite family times
  • A photo bouquet of family pictures
  • Develop a family calendar with birthdays, anniversaries and family photos
  • Make a coupon book they can trade in for help around the house, garden help, grocery shopping or other tasks
  • Have the grandchildren give them computer tutoring lessons

Splurge Gifts for Mother’s Day

If your mother or older loved one rarely indulges in clothing or spa services, make that their gift this year. Ideas might include:

  • Gift certificate for a massage, facial, manicure, or pedicure
  • A custom gift basket with home spa items
  • A gift card to a clothing store

Health and Fitness Gifts

Other gifts to consider are those that help your senior stay healthy and fit. Some suggestions to consider are:

  • A pedometer or fitness tracker
  • Senior exercise DVDs such as Chair Yoga or Tai Chi
  • A fruit-of-the-month club membership
  • Home delivered meals through local or national services such as Mom’s Meals or Home Bistro
  • Senior friendly garden tools like the ones recommended by the Arthritis Foundation

Gifts to Encourage their Interests and Hobbies

Staying engaged with friends, family and community helps to maintain both physical and mental health as we grow older. Make that easier for your mother or grandmother to do by giving them gifts that support their hobbies and interests.

  • Gift cards to a restaurant and movie theater
  • Gift card to their favorite craft or hobby store
  • A tablet device they can use for connecting on social media and email
  • Membership to a senior center or local YMCA

Finally, don’t overlook the tried and true favorites. A bouquet of flowers, a box of chocolates and brunch or dinner with the family may be just the gift an older loved one is hoping for this Mother’s Day.

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