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How to Create a Memorable Mother’s Day

How to Create a Memorable Mother’s Day

One reason Mother’s Day is such a special holiday is it’s a day almost everyone can take part in. Most people have a mother, know a mother, consider someone in their life to be like a mother or are a mother themselves.

A holiday as special as Mother’s Day deserves a special gift. Sure that special gift can be purchased at a store; in fact in 2015 the National Retail Federation estimated $18.6 billion would be spent on Mother’s Day that year. And there’s nothing wrong with getting a gift that can be unwrapped. But presents that tend to be more memorable are those that are experiences.

You can make this year’s Mother’s Day an unforgettable one by giving the mother and grandmother in your life an experience that they’ll carry with them forever.

Not sure where to start or what to do?

Here are a few ideas to give that special woman in your life a memorable Mother’s Day.

Making Mother’s Day a Memorable Occasion

Find an activity you can do together.

Some of the best memories come from sitting around and talking. This could be done over tea. It’s an event that is age appropriate so all generations could take part. What’s great about a tea party is if an older relative can’t make it out to a tea house or restaurant, you can create one at home. Just get a mixture of tea, make a few tasty finger sandwiches and desserts and it’ll be just like you’re all out for high tea!

Create a memorable project.

If you want to give your senior loved ones something tangible and memorable, put on your arts and crafts hat. Don’t worry; you don’t have to be Michelangelo to create an artistic gift. You could put together a photo album that comprises family pictures from over the years.

If your mother or grandmother is a saver, see if she kept any of your old art projects from your childhood and put one in a nice frame. The key here is to gift her with something she can enjoy for years to come.

Plan a day out on the town.

Get your loved one out of the house for a day. Maybe to indulge in one of her favorite activities. We mentioned a tea party, but does she like wine? You could take her out for a wine tasting. If you have children you want to involve in the day, a trip to the movies or the theater to see a play are all good alternatives.

Depending on your budget, another idea “day out” could be to enjoy some pampering together. It might be a manicure or a pedicure or both!

Say, “Cheese!”

Another often appreciated gift is a new family photo. Try to round up your extended family to sit together for a new photo. It could even be done on the grounds or in the lobby of your senior loved one’s assisted living community.

The truth is your senior loved ones will like appreciate anything you do for them on Mother’s Day, especially if it means spending time together!

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